2019 Winners & Shortlists


Gold Lynx
Product/ServiceTHE MISSING
Idea Creation STOKED Beirut, LEBANON
Production STOKED Beirut, LEBANON

Tell the jury about the elements of sound design.

Sometimes less is more. The film built on silence to chronicle the long wait and the void that families of the disappeared live through. We hear the mom saying "he's late" in the beginning and end. The rest of the world continues to spin and we can hear everyday life goes on outside, in the beginning we hear the iconic news on the radio form the 80's, the bombs during the war, far away ambulances, ars honking, another person returning home clinking their keys, then peace afterwards. But for the family, they are stuck in their never ending wait.

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

A poignant short film, ‘The Waiting’, chronicles the haunting emotions felt when family members disappear as a result of civil war and conflict. Using stop motion, the film chronicles 40 years in the life of one family among thousands in Lebanon, who missed one member and are still waiting for them to return or waiting to know their fate. The film opens on a normal late afternoon scene in the 80's in Beirut, two kids are doing their homework, the mom is reading, then she looks up and notices that her husband is late. "He's late" she says. From there, we see the kids growing stuck in their place, the mom getting older and tired as time passes and their eyes are on the door, waiting for dad, while life outside continues. The family's life seems to be on hold while waiting for the dad.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Thousands of people went missing in Lebanon between 1975 and 1990. Thousands of families are still waiting to know their beloved' fates.This film chronicles the span of a 40 years in the life of a family whose father has been among the disappeared. ICRC Lebanon wanted to create an emotional film ahead to coincide with the International day of the Disappeared and to push ahead of a crucial parliamentary session to vote on the law of the missing. The campaign bore its fruit and the law was voted.


Name Company Role
Rita el Hachem Stoked Executive Producer
Areej Mahmoud Stoked Director
Charbel Aouad Stoked Executive Producer
Louise Taylor ICRC Lebanon Communications Director
Malak Jaafar ICRC Lebanon Digital content manager
Pol Orpinell Stoked Cinematographer
Rana Eid Db Studios Sound Design Arrangement
Charbel Zgheib Stoked Art Director
Rami Hajj Stoked Wardrobe Stylist
Alexandros Ikonomides Stoked Editor
Alexandros Ikonomides Stoked Editor
Dima Geagea Pixelmob Colorist
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