2019 Winners & Shortlists


Silver Lynx

Demo Film


EntrantBEATTIE + DANE Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Idea Creation BEATTIE + DANE Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Media Placement SLINGSHOT Kuwait, KUWAIT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

A man appears on the hood of a truck in the middle of a muddy forest holding two things - a roll of toilet paper and a shattaf asking a simple question, do you wash or wipe? He proposes that there is a “smarter way” to clean up after bathroom usage that is far superior to toilet paper or “the other way” which he will demonstrate. The driver of the car appears and begins to attempt to wipe his car clean with toilet paper, drawing on visual comparison’s to another kind of mess. Wiping doesn’t work, which leads to the narrator introducing shattaf, a bidet water hose. The puns throughout the script are made to reiterate the argument that there is no comparison to using water and asks viewers to join in the cause to share the film with brands that have yet to install a shattaf.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Rehlat is a travel booking application that understood the needs and anxieties of the Middle Eastern traveler. One of the biggest anxieties of travel for the Arab community is hygiene after bathroom usage, as toilet paper is not enough to rinse off. In fact, when Arabs travel abroad they compensate for the lack of a Shattaf with home-made alternatives like plastic water bottles, wet wipes, and other less convenient options. The excuse when a case for a shattaf is made, is that toilet paper is enough, however scientific studies have proven that even beyond its negative effect on the environment, the usage of toilet paper in isolation of water is unhygienic and sets the stage for irritability and infections. Because of the nature of how a shattaf is used, the topic is not something that would ever be discussed publicly in the culture.

Provide the full film script in English.

Text on screen in Arabic: Line 1: The second trial Line 2: So to the billions of people out there, Line 3: There actually is a much smarter way to do this. Narrator: Now, there are two ways to go about things. The smart way and the other way. And to the dirty old birds out there, let me help you stop living a life of misery and tell you this: There is no gray area. If there is, it’s a made up term used by overbearing mothers who want to make their below-average kids feel good about themselves. Speaking of things we wish we don’t have to deal with, I bring you the obvious solution to some of life’s daily matters before anything hits the fan. Narrator: It’s a good thing that I have that one thing that washes away all the residue you never want to have in your car, throughout your day or anywhere in between. No matter how discreet, comfortable or convenient. Behold. The all-new shataf. Now before we unload, let me show you how some - including you yourself used to clean up this mess. Narrator: Wiping never does the trick. Think about it. Narrator: Do you wipe or wash away your sins? Cartoons singing/chanting: Wash! Narrator: Do you wipe or wash your hands clean of someone? Cartoons singing/chanting: Wash! Narrator: And what do you use when you’re doing all that?!? Driver: Water! Narrator: Water! Man: Water! Toilet Paper Mummies: Water! Rugby Players: Water! Wolf howling: Water! Narrator: Now this, this is how you rinse away all that residue Don’t take the fourth element of nature for granted Narrator: Here is a demonstration to show you just how easy it is to install the Shattaf led by an amateur plumber, with the toilet stall, on a moving car, because a regular demonstration would have been far too easy. Narrator: If you believe the demonstration changed your mind about a concept that could change your life tag your favorite destination with this hashtag (hashtag appears: #WashvsWipe) and bring them over to the other side, where obvious is just so much better. Text on screen in Arabic: The official platform for the Middle Eastern traveler Rehlat.com Sign-Off: Rehlat Logo Animation


Name Company Role
Dana Alhanbali Beattie + Dane Brand Director
Anes Al Rayes Beattie + Dane Creative Director
Mostafa Faramawy Beattie + Dane Executive Producer
Laila M. Al Gharabally Beattie + Dane Creative Collaborator
Paul Sabbagh Wonderful Productions Executive Producer
Rytta Mezher Wonderful Productions Producer
Mohamed Zayat Wonderful Productions Director
Yves Sehnaoui Wonderful Productions DOP Lighting Cameraman
Patrick Farra Wonderful Productions Art Director
Rachel Lahoud Wonderful Productions Casting Director
Marianne Tanios Wonderful Productions Casting
Petr Cunk Wonderful Productions Production Designer
Sarah Chaoul Wonderful Productions Production Designer
Loulla Aoun Wonderful Productions Production Manager
Pia Attallah Wonderful Productions Stylist
Amr Rabee Lizard Editor
Karim Mira Lizard Colorist
Khaled Hamdy Khaled Hamdy Studios  Music & Sound Design
Nawal Murib Slingshot Managing Partner
Nizar Wannous Slingshot Managing Director
Abeer Al Mozil WaveMaker Kuwait Account & Media Manager
Walid Kanafani WaveMaker Kuwait General Manager
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