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Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The film tells the story of a resolutely indifferent individual who experiences an epiphany when an old lady needing to cross the road insists on his help. His experience of giving brings about such a change that his cold heart thaws – he’s transformed into sunny soul who in turn sets about helping another grinch to see how rewarding altruism can be.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

A first of its kind film in the region, the characters of the film brought to fore the diversity of cultures that reside in the UAE in a heartwarming manner. The no-dialogue storytelling cut-through with one and all without alienating any audiences.

Provide the full film script in English.

We open on a brooding man with his hands in his blazer pockets, as he waits for the elevator door to close shut. Just across the passageway, he spots a young woman running towards him, urging him to him to hold the elevator. He pays no heed as the door shuts on her face. Cut to a little girl plays there with her balloon. A sneeze causes her to lose hold of the balloon as it floats away. It blows in the direction of the same gentleman we saw earlier. Walking at a brisk place with his hands in his pockets. While it’s well within his reach to catch it, he chooses to carry on, much to the dismay of the little girl. Cut to him walking up a sidewalk. A man further up the street, loses control of his shopping cart while loading his car with groceries. He gives the cart a good chase, passing by our protagonist, who, instead of helping out, simply sidesteps and continues to on his way. He passes a volunteer booth, where the lady manning the booth urges him to sign up, but as predicted, he gives it a pass without as much as a thought. Protagonist is now at the traffic crossing. As he waits for the lights to turn red a sweet old lady grabs hold of oh his arm. He’s surprised, but now obliged to help her cross the road, as they slowly make their way. The lights turn green mid-way, as a reckless driver hurtles towards them at great speed. As they emerge from a blind-spot behind the parked bus, the car continues to speed towards them. The protagonist, out of instinct to protect himself and the lady, pulls his hand out, a dramatic moment as it’s the first time we’ve seen it being pulled out of the pocket. The car brakes just in time. The two cross the street. The old lady pinches the protagonist’s cheeks, as a way to thank him. He has a tingling feeling in his stomach. As he comes home and rests for the day, he looks at his hand and realizes how he can yield it to make a difference. A different day. We see the same sequence of events repeating with our protagonist. But this time around, he’s instinctively inclined to help. He holds the elevator for the lady, as she gives him a shy glance. He grabs the balloon for the little girl, who blushes with joy. He even stops by at the volunteer booth to sign up. We then see a montage of him helping out at various volunteer duties. Beach clean drive, playing with orphans, donating blood and spending time at the old age home. All with the sense of doom and gloom well past him. A brand-new individual with a sunny outlook. He’s walking down the same street he was earlier in the film. Hands swinging about, a spring in his step. At the crossing, he finds a man who’s’ stood there with his hands in his pockets, uptight and bitter. It sadly reminds him of the what he used to be like. A flashbulb goes off in his head. Cut to him holding the man by his arm. As the man looks up in surprise, we see that the protagonist, in dark sunglasses with a make-shift walking stick, pretending to be blind in his attempt to bring about a change in the guy, just like the sweet old lady did with him. Super : Volunteer Your Time. Give In To Giving. Logo : Emirates NBD/Volunteer Exchanger Programme Super : Connect with us today.


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Aryasb Feiz Hanzo Films Director
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