2019 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantFP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
Idea Creation FP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement OMD EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The film starts with Mo Salah walking in an empty, spacious hangar. The camera follows his steps as we start hearing the script. It doesn’t glorify him but questions his status and success, goading him, reminding him he has miles to go. We see him battle shadows and his shoes turn gold, we see him on his knees in a moment of defeat, that he overcomes as he stands tall and becomes a force with spinning balls gravitating towards him like planets towards a sun. The film ends as a statue erects in his image showing him his final destination, a road to glory, as he turns with a satisfied smile as if welcoming his possible future, and enters a sleek black car, symbolizing that Uber is with him all the way

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Salah was over used in most brands’ communications, which made Egyptians feel he was being too commercialized. But Uber decided to use him in a different way that didn’t glorify him or take an emotional approach. Other bands used his family and his hometown, but Uber’s film told him he had done nothing yet and he had miles to go. The script subtly used references of incidents that happened to him like when he was rejected by a very popular team in Egypt, but he kept going and he made it internationally, and when he was literally on his knees in defeat in the game that qualified Egypt to the world cup finals, but stood up and showed the world that he could become one of the greats, getting one of the most memorable scores in Egyptian history that took the country to the world cup.

Provide the full film script in English.

You’re not there yet You’ve still got a long way to go. Here’s to the best player in Africa The best in England And the record scorer But you want more And if they stand in your way Then they definitely don’t know your name Remember when they said you weren’t good enough for the big league? But now the big league isn’t big enough for you Break more records And break the record breakers hearts This isn’t the end re-write… the history of football. So where to next? You’re the Egyptian king And nobody can dethrone you. When you stand, you stand tall. Because even those who don’t know a thing about football… Sure as hell know about Salah. You’ve come a long way… So, finish the road to glory UBER We’re with you all the way


Name Company Role
Karim Ayesh FP7/CAI Creative Director
Ahmed Waheed Hamdy FP7/CAI Associate Creative Director
Mariam Maged Ibrahim FP7/CAI Senior Art Director
Mohamed Samy FP7/CAI Copywriter
Sondos Effat FP7/CAI Head of Account Management
Nahla Hendy FP7/CAI Senior Account Director
Sherine Wassef FP7/CAI Senior Account Manager
Nada Adel FP7/CAI Account Executive
Naila Fattouh FP7/CAI Head of Strategy
Omar Gawdat FP7/CAI Strategist
Ashraf Hosafy FP7/CAI Senior Agency Producer
Ernest Desumbila N/A Director
Fadi Fahim Light-House Executive Producer
Mohamed Farouk Rasta Light-House Senior Producer
Nesma El Batal Light-House Producer
Ahmed Rady Kimo Light-House Producer
Llorenç Peris Wigwam Films London Composer
Oliver Roskill Wigwam Films London Producer
Emma Jade Edwards Wigwam Films London Stylist
Richard James Lewis Wigwam Films London Steady cam
Kaname Onoyama Wigwam Films London Dop
Lluis Murua Sauvage TV Editor
Joao Teixeira Sauvage TV Editor
Xavi Santolaya Sauvage TV Grading
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