2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
EntrantFP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryUse of Original Music
Idea Creation FP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
Idea Creation 2 GOOD PEOPLE Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement UM MENA Giza, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

Much like all our other football content, our music video was catchy, cool and utterly silly. Silly enough to get millions’ attention in the massive clutter. In true honor of the occasion and its real rituals, our video iconically featured World Cup Panini cards. The entire film was said through Paninis, but rather than featuring the stars we didn’t have rights for, we featured our own stars, the real Egyptian fan!

Cultural/Context information for the jury

It’s been so long time since Egypt was playing in the world cup and all Egyptians got very patriotic, trying to show off by holding the flags and wearing the national team jersey which costs around $100 !!! the jersey was more expensive than a family’s entire monthly grocery stock! But what was the alternative, hit the streets wearing just any old red t-shirt you had lying around? For an occasion as big as this one? This was Egypt! This was the World Cup! This was something we were all waiting for in the past 28 years! Banking on this key tension point, Coca-Cola Egypt decided to give the nation jerseys! How? Through buying our can.

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music track.

In a very cluttered scene of all brands talking about the world cup, grabbing attention was a challenge, we needed a piece of music that is relatable, catchy, memorable and gimmick to both our audience as well as any football fan. To fit our animation motion, we created an ear-worm tune with a balanced tempo in order to match and sync with the motion, characters and transitions of every frame and visual design.


Name Company Role
Maged Nassar Good People Creative Director
Mohamed Ghamrawy N/A Lyrics Writer
Sondos Effat FP7/CAI Head of Account Management
Dalia Arafa FP7/CAI Account Director
Raghda Maghrabi FP7/CAI Account Director
Heidi Felfella FP7/CAI Account Manager
Dalia Al Ashry FP7/CAI Senior Account Executive
Naila Fattouh FP7/CAI Head of Strategy
Omar Gawdat FP7/CAI Strategist
Khaled Zaki Good People Executive Producer
Mahmoud Derbala Good People Producer
Maged Nassar Good People Director
Yves Sehnaoui Good People DOP
Assem Ali Good People Art director
Hend Ghorab Good People Copywriter
Dalia Abdel Shafi Good People Managing Director
Farida Fouad Good People Stylist
Amr Rabee N/A Editor
Karim Mira Lizard Colorist
Wael Alaa NeoByrd Music composer
Donya Refaat Good People Post Producer
Eslam Abou El Enein Good People Art Director
Tarek Ali Zanad GFX
Mahmoud Tag FP7/CAI Art Director