2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
EntrantLEO BURNETT Sulaymaniyah, IRAQ
CategorySound Design
Idea Creation LEO BURNETT Sulaymaniyah, IRAQ
Production 2 LVLY EDITORIAL New York, USA
Production 3 MIKROS IMAGE Paris, FRANCE
Production 4 THE MILL New York, USA
Production 5 DECIBEL New York, USA
Additional Company ICRC Baghdad, IRAQ

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

We see a war zone realistically recreated to accurately reflect on the environment in which medical and healthcare staff operate in. We show bombings, blown up building and we hear on-going firefights in the background, a scenario all too common to every doctor who has worked in Iraq. We a patient who is badly wounded is brought into this damaged hospital operating room where doctors and staff do their best to save his life however it seems death is inevitable. We see real emotions of the doctor as he loses his patient and it's all over. We then see a hand with a gun whom we do not see but hear shoots the doctor in revenge killing for not being able to save that patient's life.


Name Company Role
Obeyda Fayad Leo Burnett Iraq Associate Creative Director
Sherif Youssef Leo Burnett Iraq Associate Creative Director
Shavan Sharif Leo Burnett Iraq Communications Manager
Bechara Mouzannar Leo Burnett Chief Creative officer
Malek Ghorayeb Leo Burnett Regional Executive Creative Director
Abdulrahman Alani Leo Burnett Iraq Art Director
Valerie Lahoud Zoe Productions Producer
Fabien Dufils Fabiendufils Director
Olivier Wicki LVLY Editorial Editor
Damien Van Der Cruyssen The Mill Colorist
David Imbault David Imbault Composer
Mat Guido Decibel NYC Sound Designer