2017 Winners & Shortlists


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The Campaign

The key to creating a wonderful banking website was to get away from the world of corporate and tap into something human - into something that puts people FIRST. We stripped away everything unnecessary and did something no banking site had ever done before – we put “search” right in the front and centre. Thus giving customers, stakeholders and bank employees the ability to put what matters to them most, first. Everything else flowed from there. We embraced simplicity, responsiveness, accuracy and service and made it really easy for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. We created a site that improves customer's engagement with the brand and allows the brand to practice what they preach - putting the customer first. The site was responsive and designed to function beautifully on both desktop and mobile.

Creative Execution

The site was split into three sections, each tailored towards a different persona - Corporate & Institutional Banking, Personal & Business Banking and FGB Group. Switching between the three was simple and seamless. The look and feel is very different and unique for a banking site - featuring stunning photography of landscapes, cityscapes and the human touch. The colour palette, tone of voice and design elements evoke calm and confidence, peace of mind and reassurance, friendliness and comfort. First is about standing out and pleasing the eye. First is about communicating clearly and efficiently. It’s about having everyone’s needs answered in one place. It’s about giving you the capability to do your very best. Giving you the tools to succeed. The information to grow your knowledge and experience. We built a website that doesn’t just promise. We built a website that goes above and beyond lets its visitors BE FIRST.

Bounce rate was below 55% Page Views were increased by 35%, with an average of 1 minute and 28 seconds per visit During the first 8 months of implementation, we received more than 300 thousand visits

What does it mean to be first? It means being revolutionary. It means being bold. In order to deliver on the brand's promise of putting their customers and stakeholders first, the website had to live and breathe this promise too. After conducting extensive stakeholder interviews, the findings revealed that the preceding website lacked in this regard. We had to break the site into each of its components, and in redoing each one, ask, what would enhance the customer's experience and put them in the driver's seat? This then became the strategy - put the user in control, at every step of the way.


Name Company Role
Simon Attwater DigitasLBi Executive Creative Director
Matheus Neves DigitasLBi Lead UX
Sohail Malik DigitasLBi Senior Designer
Vishal Rami DigitasLBi Lead Service Delivery Manager
Ali Asger DigitasLBi Service Delivery
Shwan Nazar DigitasLBi Senior Art Director
Katrina Petrenko DigitasLBi Senior Copywriter
Rachel Mwakule DigitasLBi Designer
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