2017 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceLIPTON TEA
EntrantPIMO Beirut, LEBANON
CategorySocial Video
Idea Creation PIMO Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

Our plan required a rethinking of the current situation, to get close to Lebanese youth to find out how they really see things. And what better way than an activation that takes place on the ground and online endorsed by a heavy viral campaign? The agency set about crafting a social experiment to see if Lebanese see the cup half full or half empty in the guise of a fun and entertaining social experiment. In turn, launch a viral video showing the results and paying tribute to Lebanese who decide to stay in the country, and spread positiveness in their lives, which a brand has never talked to them this way before.

Creative Execution

High crowd density locations were selected for the installation of an interactive booth. During the experiment people were asked to express whether they see the cup half full or half empty, thus revealing their way of seeing life and their state of mind! At the same time an online platform (liptonmoodofnation.com) went live to give everyone across Lebanon the opportunity to express their opinion freely. The scores were synchronized and tallied between the on ground booth and online site, the results indicated that 65% (more than 32,855 participants) tend to see the cup half full, proving that positivity prevails! Building on the success of this interactive activation, we decided to share the positivity through the viral video, paying tribute to every young Lebanese who show the positive side, each in their own way. Thus, a movement was created with a hashtag #cuphalffullwithlipton.

With 1.9 million views, the video reached almost half of the Lebanese population. The Lebanese youth were engaged also through: • Anghami:(2nd most streamed song) o We achieved 500,000 impressions o 147.7 Streams and 13.6K Likes • YouTube: o Total Video Views is 933,309 • Facebook: Promoted Posts: o Total reach is 1,842,591 consumers which is 86.08%. o Total engagement is 34,911 Video Views: o Total Video Views is 1,366,383 o Average CPV is $0.013 Lipton succeeded in touching the hearts of the Lebanese youth and the campaign was picked up by media. After a decline in the past years, a 36.3% growth in Yellow Label tea bags was attained and most importantly a movement was created!

Our target audience being Life lovers. Young men and women who would like to live on the bright side,and are optimistic; and with Lipton being a brand that stimulates a positive outlook on life, everyday, all day, we decided to talk their language and co-create with them by approaching Local influencers who shared this vision to take part in the social video. It featured the band Adonis, who collaborated with Lipton to pen a campaign song highlighting the ‘cup half full’; Ashekman, Calligraffiti artists, contributed in the form of embellishing a wall of 20m in Beirut with some positive Calligraffiti ,and Eddy Bitar, founder of Live Love Beirut, a social platform that encorages lebanese to share the beauty of Lebanon through their photos, made an appearance as the originator of the uplifting movement.


Name Company Role
Madona Zeidan PIMO Creative Director
Rania Barakat PIMO Senior Art Director
Tina Arab PIMO Art Director
Sarita Saad PIMO Copywriter
Charbel Harb PIMO Art DIrector
Elie Charbel PIMO Production Manager
Joumana Micaelian PIMO Group Communication Director
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