2017 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceMBENKI GSP
CategoryOnline Ad
Idea Creation SQUAD DIGITAL Nairobi, KENYA
Media Placement SQUAD DIGITAL Nairobi, KENYA
Production SQUAD DIGITAL Nairobi, KENYA

The Campaign

We partnered with Google to create a Google Sponsored Promotion where Kenyans could open an account on their mail just by filling in their name, national ID and phone number. The first of its kind in the world.

Creative Execution

We used the IPRS system (Integrated population registration system) and KCB Bank core banking system. We created GSP forms where the user would fill in their government official name, phone number and ID number/passport number. This system was would validate that you are a real citizen and an adult. Once the data has been validated the same information would be sent to the core banking system via the HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) and an account would be opened and the user would receive an account number and their pin with a prompt to change it The user would activate the account by depositing a minimum of 10 shillings through mobile money transfer services to finish the know your customer process which is a requirement by law.

Gmail ads exceeded performance expectations, proving to be instrumental in acquiring new customers and driving awareness. The click-through rate was 8.7% and conversion rate was 10.9%, while the campaign surpassed the target for new accounts by 227% in just 14 days.

With 3 million Gmail users in Kenya, we recognized that Gmail ads could provide a smart way to connect with users through innovative targeting and a high-impact email-like format. The team developed a lead generation Gmail ad campaign to encourage non-customers to open an account online with KCB. The ad itself was designed to make it convenient, secure and easy for a consumer to open an account as quickly as it takes to check emails. When users opened their Gmail account, they could then click the KCB ad and enter their name, email, phone number and Kenya national ID.


Name Company Role
Manish Sardana Squad Digital General Manager
Phillip Ranja Squad Digital Creative Director
Svetlana Polikarpova Squad Digital Business Director
Angela Njagi Squad Digital Senior Copywriter
Patrick Kennedy Squad Digital Art Director
Peter Koech Squad Digital Lead Back-End Developer
Deborah D'Costa Squad Digital Lead Media Strategist
Gideon Murema Squad Digital Media Strategist
Adelaide Nandeya Squad Digital Client Service
Vimal Kaul Squad Digital Creative Technology Lead
Wasim Al-Haddad Squad Digital Lead Front-End Developer
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