2017 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceCHEVROLET MALIBU 2017

The Campaign

To engage users from various online channels and generate curiosity around ‘Car X’, an intuitive and native web experience was crafted. A microsite was developed to showcase features of the unbranded vehicle, aggregate social media content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and most importantly allow us to capture data about prospective customers leading up to the official launch. Rather than provide visitors with a standard flip-through ‘microsite’, we were keen to offer visitors a simple and fun way to engage with the content. Our goal was to provide a familiar and easy-to-use platform that created a user experience similar to that associated with social media. Visitors to the site were able to explore the vehicle’s features and access social media content in a single location. Furthermore, they were able to enjoy a unique user experience, based entirely on what they wanted to learn, and not just what the brand wanted

Creative Execution

The microsite was developed using a budget of less than USD 10,000, and was deployed in English and Arabic, across eight key markets in the region - UAE, KSA, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and Qatar. The goal was to intrigue and excite shoppers, so the content was carefully and purposely curated, focusing on beautiful images and interactive videos which were bolstered by hard facts and specifications. Call to actions were kept minimal and prominent, driving viewers toward a very specific outcome.

In just nine days the microsite succeeded in attracting 46,000 visitors, and 76,362 page views, with over 90% of visits coming from first-time visitors. The simplicity of the content and prominence of the call to action on the page helped to drive conversions. A total of 433 people signed up to be part of the ‘reveal’ phase and the official unveiling of the car’s identity. The interest created through the microsite in the teaser phase helped sustain momentum during the actual launch, generating more than 3,000 individual leads for dealers across the region, and resulting in 38 sales.

An important objective of the teaser phase was to capture data from as many ‘aspirers’ as possible. That segment included ambitious people driven by a desire for luxury and associated recognition. A number of different sources drove traffic to the microsite – online advertisements, LinkedIn InMail, social media advertisements and one-to-one communications - where people could interact with the vehicle and sign up to be part of the exciting unveiling of ‘Car X’. At the reveal phase, the individuals identified were targeted with a personalized communication announcing the identity of the NG Chevrolet Malibu and encouraging them to take a test drive.


Name Company Role
Simone Green MRM//McCANN Dubai General Manager
Amr Elkouedy MRM//McCANN Dubai Creative Lead & Senior Digital Art Director
Chris D’Souza MRM//McCANN Dubai Digital Designer
Asim Khan MRM//McCANN Dubai Sr. Interactive Developer
Nikhil Chembayil MRM//McCANN Dubai Sr. UI Developer
Oujith Bhaskaran MRM//McCANN Dubai Sr. Technical Project Manager
anas.tibi@mrm-mccann.ae MRM//McCANN Dubai Account Director
Jessica Payne MRM//McCANN Dubai Account Director & CRM Strategist
Dana Al Azem MRM//McCANN Dubai Senior Account Manager
Tania Gupta MRM//McCANN Dubai Senior Analyst
Commonwealth Commonwealth // McCann Creative Agency
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