2017 Winners & Shortlists


Type of EntryBranded Games
CategoryBranded Games

The Campaign

Like the rest of the world, Lebanese exhibit interest in technology and have a positive outlook on it, often adopting it early. The buzz sound around Virtual Reality has been intensifying for some time shaking and shaping up everything from marketing to gaming. We created a game that translates what Clorets can do with bacteria and the remains of food that leave an odor in the mouth. Inspired by the game Fruit Ninja, we replicated the concept whereby players had to shoot at smelly food popping in front of them with a Clorets-loaded gun. But we didn’t just do so! We used the latest market technologies, Virtual Reality to immerse the users in the experience. In order to maximize interactions and relevancy, Onion and Garlic personas were roaming around food courts and restaurants surrounding our booth, interacting with people and inviting them to join the game.

Creative Execution

We opted for a mobile-stand allowing us to circulate across malls with the highest footfall as well as venues with clusters of restaurants, therefore being present at moment of consumption. In order to attract users while creating relevancy, we had two mascots, an onion and a garlic, wandering across the restaurants’ and food courts’, approaching customers, teasing them and inviting them to try our Virtual Reality game. Once on the stand, consumers experienced the Virtual game therefore reminding them of Clorets’ functional benefits and were offered a pack for instant consumption. To further expand our visibility, we mirrored the on-ground gaming experience to users’ first screens, Mobiles, via an interactive in-banner game where users had to combat smelly food for 30”. At the end of the game, users were asked to share their info for a chance to win an iPod Shuffle and were invited to visit our physical booth

- Over 1,500 consumers experienced our new platform while enjoying the Virtual Reality game - 35,000 samples were distributed throughout the period of the campaign - 4,000+ users enjoyed our virtual mobile game with a CTR of 2% - The TVCs scored a high CTV of 13% - vs. market average of 3% - with 320,000 full views on the top local TV website - The post-campaign video edit gathered 810,000 views in 15 days, surpassing market average of 500,000 views, enjoying of a high half-completion rate of 94% vs. market average of 50%

Clorets is the only gum that eliminates bad breath so we wanted to remind our consumers of its benefits during potential moments of consumption, therefore creating a relevant need. To efficiently the youth, our core audience, we needed to do so in a minimal lapse of time, so we opted for a technology that would entice them, Virtual Reality, ensuring engagement while portraying the effectiveness of Clorets The game brought to life the idea of Clorets killing food causing bad breath allowing consumers to experience real-time visual display while immersing themselves in an interactive environment.


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