2017 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryInnovative Technology
Idea Creation BLUE 449 Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Media Placement BLUE 449 Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The Campaign

We recently got access to Nationality segments from one of our third party data providers. The fact that we were able to create a custom audience based on where consumers are coming from sparked the idea of looking into a challenging niche audience that Baume et Mercier is interested in reaching: the Chinese. We requested this segment from one of our data partners, and we decided to use the data to target Chinese tourists on their mobiles. We picked a creative portraying an Asian couple to relate to the video viewers. Accordingly, we defined our audience size by looking into our target clusters: UAE, Vacation, Traveling and Chinese speakers. Out total segment size came up to 12,000, which is rather small. We had the opportunity to reach every user with a small budget and minimum wastage.

Creative Execution

The approach to this was to invest in data from our data providers and create a luxury segment of users above a certain income bracket who had engaged with Chinese content online, declared their nationality as Chinese, expressed an interest to visit the UAE and who lived outside of the UAE.. We were then able to get a significant audience size to use for our marketing campaign. The campaign then targeted these users in the UAE. Now that we found a way to reach the Chinese tourists coming in to the UAE, we wanted to make sure we are able to capture them with the use of our Asian Wedding video shot by Peter Lindbergh. Creative adaptation played a major role in the campaign’s outstanding results

Programmatic buying helped Baume et Mercier exceed its own expectations on all levels with a record amount of video views completion rate in MENA to date As a result of targeting the right ad to the right user, the video got an unprecedented percentage of video views of 91% where the benchmark across all accounts is 60% and for Richemont group 50% The Cost per view was $0.01 as opposed to a KPI of $0.1 in the UAE, delivering cost efficiency of 90% Over 62,000 were served the video, with 278,000 views in a span of 2 weeks.

Baume & Mercier wanted to increase Chinese tourist footfall to the UAE boutique. The Chinese visitor has grown 11% YOY (Jan-June’16), with over 267,000 visitor arrivals in the first half of the year. The media solutions currently present in this market aren’t able to fully grasp this target audience easily. This campaign focused on raising awareness among this audience by utilizing the latest targeting technologies: Programmatic advertising. This campaign serves to increase awareness amongst this specified clientele to lead them to the boutique. It also offers the consumer a real-time connection with the brand through a one-of-a-kind video campaign.


Name Company Role
Maria Hachem Blue 449 - Publicis Luxury Communications Manager
Roli Okoro Vivaki Product Director
Chetan Nirban Vivaki Activation Executive
Janane Haddad Moretti Baume et Mercier Marketing & Communications Manager
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