2017 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryInnovative Technology
Idea Creation BSOCIAL Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

The idea, in a nutshell, was building a true virtual reality experience while maintaining its real-life authenticity and striking impact. The lack of VR awareness in the region could have been merely used as a brand opportunity. The determination, however, was to educate via non-traditional, heartfelt means that would distinctively resonate.

Creative Execution

Virtual reality is a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment where everyone can interact and engage with it through the use of VR goggles and a mobile phone. Experience Mecca VR app is fully launched and verified by the Oculus Store, where any user can download the app and enjoy the transcending experience.

Once we got green lit, the reception on the Oculus store was overwhelming. The major KPI was to get 10K installations on the store, yet reached a whopping 150,000K download since its release. Getting recognition from a number of tech-related websites such as VR Board, VR Gamer, 3 Degrees and on Reddit. The interaction on Facebook increased significantly, with users from all over the place giving their feedback while recommending the experience for their families and friends. Due to the popularity of the project, the students of Computer Science major in Cairo University reached out to us and invited one of our VR architects for a session, where he explained the technicalities involved in making a virtual reality experience in an interactive atmosphere.

We chose this category simply because we are not offering a product, but rather a full-on innovative experience, adding life to knowledge and perspectives in a distinctively educational manner, and associating Islam with modern technology to offer a better understanding of the western audience. Determined to achieve such desirable goals, it was all done via creative, interactive means of Virtual Reality that are not only memorable but also cherished in terms of selected market segments.


Name Company Role
Ehab Fares Vhorus - a subsidiary of BSocial Founder and CEO
Wael Ramadan Vhorus - a subsidiary of BSocial Digital Innovation Dev Director
Abdallah El Sharkawy Vhorus - a subsidiary of BSocial VR Architict
Moataz El Sewedy Vhorus - a subsidiary of BSocial Senior Content Manager
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