2017 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCreative Innovation
Media Placement CARAT LEBANON Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

Our Target audience was men and women between 18 to 35 years old ABC social class, who represent 33% of our total population. They regularly run, workout and wear sports clothing and footwear even when they’re not training. We intended to leverage the sociability and outgoing nature of our TA both on and offline in our campaign. In every group there will be one or two key influencers who are looked upon as experts to recommend brand choice. We knew that getting the gym bunnies influencers’ approval of the Zprint was key to reaching the wider user group. With our insights at hand, we knew we wouldn’t reach our TA with a TVC or print ad, so rather than talking at them, we decided to show them! We planned to launch a fresh and exciting brand experience that would

Creative Execution

To launch the Reebok Zprint3D shoes in Lebanon we created an immersive brand experience that bought the sense of open air running to life in stores and gyms across the city. We invited participants to try on the new Zprints and enter a running experience that simulated heat, cold, rain and snow according to the speed they run at and the landscape they are running through. It consisted of running a 300m track on a mechanical treadmill for a natural feel with no obstructions. 3D sounds were set to put the runner in the middle of the environment as echoes and music came from all areas with motivational messages popping up on the screen along with speed, calories burned and time. 3 screens surrounding the treadmill allowed the runner to be taken to an outside world creating an immersive experience of reality.

As a regional first activation of this kind, this campaign created a lot of buzz as consumers marveled at not only the creativity of the advertising but also about the shoes! Every person that stepped into the experience were amazed with the immersive weather system and real feel technology achieved within the confines of a shopping mall or gym. More importantly, the campaign launched a new product to market with huge success.The average sell through rate of the Zprint was 53% against the inventory stocked during the 6 week campaign period, leading the footwear category during Beirut Fashion Week with 4 products in the top 10 sellers. The men’s shoes did very well, with red topping the category of colours with 71% sell through rate, a hugely impressive statistic for a newly launched product in this category.

This on-ground activation with bespoke technology was a regional first, where we challenged the brand to do something unique and impactful to introduce the new Zprint shoes to market. By taking a different approach, breaking away from expensive traditional marketing, we were able to connect with consumers on a different level and create huge ROI for the brand.


Name Company Role
Karen Hoyek Carat General Manager Levant
Jad Zakhem Associate Media Director Jad.Zakhem@carat.com
Sara Khalifeh Carat Senior Account Executive