2017 Winners & Shortlists



The Campaign

#ShopLess An integrated Ramadan campaign against food wastage. When other food companies were tempting everyone to buy more food, Sadia invited everyone to buy less.

Creative Execution

We captured a real-life experiment of a less fortunate young man. We gave him a chance to buy everything he wanted from the supermarket. Anything and everything. And guess what? He bought only what he needed. Demonstrating that those who have less, know the true value of food — and that we all need less than we think. The online film was a clear invitation for people to #ShopLess. The behaviour-changing campaign was supported by outdoor posters, print ads and social media posts, including practical tips on Sadia Life’s Facebook page, on how to reduce food wastage every day.

Reach: • Total views: 3,052,337 Engagement: • Engagement rate grew by 69% — compared to last year’s Ramadan campaign. Impact: • The campaign made national headlines, leading to over 5.3 million earned media impressions and 2.7 million social impressions. • The campaign also inspired people to shop consciously. • #ShopLess is now at the top of everyone’s shopping list all year round. Sales: • For the first time ever, the category sales dropped by 8% during Ramadan, hence reducing food wastage. • Brand love increased by 7 points.

During the fasting month of Ramadan, when people normally buy more food and food companies tempt them to buy even more, our campaign invited everyone to #ShopLess to reduce food wastage. With an integrated campaign: • We inspired people to change their behavior with an online film, print communications, outdoor posters. • Engaged them to join the movement, make a pledge and invite others on social media to be part of the movement. • And drove actions by sharing practical tips on how to reduce food wastage to our Facebook and Instagram followers and putting #ShopLess at the top of everyone’s shopping list.

Target audience: Muslim housewives around the region, especially Sadia’s consumers. Current behaviour: A few days before, and in the first week of Ramadan, they normally go to the supermarket and stock up most of the cooking ingredients they need for the weeks ahead, or even the whole month. They buy, cook and serve more food than usual for Iftar — when Muslims break their fast after sunset during the month of Ramadan. At the same time, food companies take advantage of the hungry stomachs and tempt them to buy more. Combined, the above behavior and habits lead to a 50-70% increase in food wastage throughout the month — compared to the rest of the year — when in the region, unfortunately around 30% of the food prepared is normally going to waste. Approach: Sadia did the unprecedented and asked people to simply buy less.


Name Company Role
Fadi Yaish Impact BBDO Dubai Executive Creative Director
Daniel Corrêa Impact BBDO Dubai Creative Director
William Mathovani Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Simone Milani Impact BBDO Dubai Copywriter
Enrico Motti Impact BBDO Dubai Art Director
Rani Amayri Impact BBDO Dubai Copywriter
Anju Purushot Impact BBDO Dubai Senior Producer
Leen Fakheriddin Impact BBDO Dubai Regional Account Director
Tihana Begovic Impact BBDO Dubai Senior Account Manager
Moe Najati Magnet Director
Jax Dyer-Donaldson Magnet Executive Producer
Thomas Simon Magnet DOP
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