2017 Winners & Shortlists


Production GOOD PEOPLE Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

UAE is a land of opportunity. All of us expats come here chasing our dreams and ambitions. We also know there are many obstacles and complications that come in the way of our pursuit. One such complication we could do without is the current prepaid options given to us. du’s simplification of prepaid by creating bundles gave customers constant connection without interruption even when credit runs out by providing unlimited data. But we needed them to remember this at the time of them choosing their prepaid. We figured the best way to stay top-of-mind is to be entertaining. And nothing has been more entertaining and has made more headlines over the last 5 decades than Space. This was the perfect platform for us to piggyback on, create entertaining content and stay trending. This gave us the idea of creating ‘Future of Prepaid’. A world where prepaid no longer meant complicated.

Creative Execution

The campaign features Astronauts as protagonists as they represent the highest level of success an individual can achieve. And this portrayal (of the Astronauts) best mirrors our hardworking and ambitious audience. The characters we chose are our real target audience. Real people the masses could identify with. The team consisted of an Arab expat, a Filipino and Indian as the central characters, and an Emirati and Western expats as Mission control. This was important to the execution as it truly shows the diversity that exists within the cauldron that is the UAE. What was also crucial to the execution was the humor we used to bridge the gap between the seriousness of space and everyday life, showing how even an astronauts journey could get hindered by real, everyday prepaid problems.

• We have achieved 828,509 impressions, with a view rate of 45.07% (3x our benchmark) • We have achieved 40 Million+ Impressions. •We recorded on Social a total of 3.3Million overall engagement with an engagement rate of 14.4% and a total reach of 22Million •The campaign generated 217,177 Page views on the prepaid page; 29% of which were purely organic. This resulted in pushing the prepaid page to be the second top landing page on the site after the homepage. For the same duration prior to the campaign, the page had merely 76,000 Page views, and was ranked as the 53rd landing page on the website •Daily average revenue after launch increased more than 50%. •High value contribution (AED 100+) increased 3 times. The “Future of Prepaid” campaign had a positive impact on all key KPI’s for the brand and drivers of Power among those exposed to the campaign. The positive traction.

The campaign first broke with a trailer that looked like a Hollywood spoof of ‘Gravity’ or some intergalactic movie. Shortly after, we launched the first of the astronauts’ adventures, followed by the rest of the episodes. These ran in cinemas and online. This was supported by in-store material, print, outdoor and targeted banners. But the real magic happened on social media. Because of the nature of the topic i.e. ‘space’ we were able to capitalize and interact real-time with various space related news that made the headlines through 2016. When Facebook went LIVE in space, we had a post for Mark.

Space has always been an ever-trending topic, right from the 60s. The ‘Future of Prepaid’ platform allowed us to not just create or differentiate our communication from the competition, but it also allowed us to piggyback on everything space related. From real life Mars missions, to Hollywood blockbusters, LIVE space feeds, even the UAEs own mission to Mars, we were able to create content and interact in real-time with space related news. This gave the platform a life beyond conventional channels.


Name Company Role
Bechara Mouzannar Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer
André Nassar Leo Burnett Dubai Regional Executive Creative Director
Rafael Augusto Leo Burnett Dubai Creative Director
Bruno Bomediano Leo Burnett Dubai Head of Art
Wayne Fernandes / Rami Boraie Leo Burnett Dubai Copywriter
Haytham Dayeh Leo Burnett Dubai Communication Servicing Director
Saad Yusuf Leo Burnett Dubai Group Account Director
Amir M. Zeitouni Leo Burnett Dubai Senior Account Manager
Mahmoud Jaber Leo Burnett Dubai Account Executive
Ali Amarsy / Mark Haycock Leo Burnett Dubai Planner
Shereen Mostafa Leo Burnett Dubai Head of Production
Ali Ali Good People  Director
Good People Good People Production House
Michel Abou Zeid Good People Executive Producer
Pierre Mouarkech Good People DOP
Lizard Cairo Lizard Cairo Post House
Amr Rabee Lizard Cairo Editor
Karim Mira Lizard Cairo Colorist
Wave Studio Wave Studio Sound Design
Nivritti Ashok Starcom Senior Media Executive
Raed Bou Hamdan Starcom Associate Director
Don-Jason Tungol Starcom Media Executive
Feras Hamtini Starcom Performance Manager
Rabah Malas Starcom Performance Executive
Jad Neaimeh Starcom Senior Performance Executive
Samer Mazjoub Starcom Director
Christopher Sparks Starcom Client Managing Director
Louloua Younes du (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company) Director Commercial Communications (Value & Budget Marketing)
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