2017 Winners & Shortlists


Media Placement STARCOM Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

The idea was to have the packs directly engage with our target. Through the pack design, we gave each flavour a character using differentiating colours and elements such as piercing, braces, mustache... With that being established, we gave each flavour a personality, distinct tone of voice, values and a bit of history. After fully developing the characters of the packs - we sent them online to engage with the consumers - using Facebook Live. The idea of the live show was to create dialogue around relatable content, by appealing to our target through trending topics. The live episodes created ample room for engagement; the packs invited consumers to interact with them and encouraged Facebookers to tag/invite friends to tune-in, ensuring more people would take part.

Creative Execution

We recruited 4 talents that represent each of the 4 flavours, and those characters represented the personalities of the flavours in both the invitation videos and live episodes. We developed a technology that reads the talents' mouths and body movements, translating those onto the packs. So each body/mouth movement the talents were making was reflected on the packs. We went live 4 times and each week the packs talked about a trending topic, leaving much room for consumers to share their opinions in the comments sections. 4 copies were created and aired on TVC as well as online. The objective of these copies was to introduce the new packs, and establish the time and day of the live episodes. The aim was to recruit as many people as possible and ensure a large audience during the live show. Each TVC copy was aired a few days before the live episode.

We started seeding the invitation videos a couple of days before the live shows to invite as many people to join. Each invitation video aired 2-3 days before the live episode. The invitation videos reached more than 2 million people on Facebook, and more than 1.5 million viewers on Youtube. The engagement around the live videos showed great success, engaging close to one million people online. Even so, on television we reached 40% of our audience. Chiclets was successfully perceived as a younger, and more interactive brand. The direct engagement with consumers and the ping-pong conversations brought the brand closer to the people, and boosted love of the brand. The comments on the live episodes and the reactions proved that people perceived the brand as friendlier and more approachable, therefore relevant.

Chiclets was launching a new pack design. The new design featured a mouth, and we personalized each of the four gum flavours using specific elements such as piercing, braces... etc. With that, we gave each pack a distinct personality. Each pack was animated and brought to life; through Facebook Live, where they engaged directly and simultaneously with consumers. The packs were introducing themselves, by themselves. To ensure high visibility and engagement on the facebook live episodes, we developed TVC copies that aired also on Facebook and youtube. These copies announced the new design, and the time of the live episodes.

These days it is challenging to grab the attention of teens. They are very demanding, especially from brands, and do not want to spare their attention to average content. We wanted to gain not only their time, but also their love. Direct interaction with them was the route we chose to reach this destination. Because we know that Teens are hard to get ... we did not invite teens to come to our platforms. we hijacked the platforms on which they already are. We jumped the popular and increasingly trending Facebook Live-wagon, creating Facebook live episodes, but with a twist - by animating the packs and having them appear and interact with consumers. The campaign idea - gum packs going live and talking to consumers- was fully in alignment with out brand platform; Nothingness is everything.


Name Company Role
Ahmed Wahid J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Malek Sharif J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Salma Hamouda J. Walter Thompson Account Director
Sandra Hazem J. Walter Thompson Senior Account Executive
Shady Abdel Aziz J. Walter Thompson Producer
Ahmed Helal J. Walter Thompson Senior Project Manager
Ibrahim Islam J. Walter Thompson Head of Design Unit
Dina el Baz Starcom Media Manager
Mahmoud Hamdy Freelancer Director
Ahmed el Ganayni Magic Beans Executive Producer
Mahmoud Derbala Magic Beans Senior Producer
Ahmed el Naggar J. Walter Thompson Digital Strategy Manager,
Ashraf Gaber Magic Beans DOP
Amro Thabit J. Walter Thompson Art Director
Asmaa Hassan Starcom Digital Media Manager
Ahmed el Ruby Starcom Content Creator
Mohamed el Sabaa Starcom Media Director
Dina Abdelazim Starcom Senior Media Manager
Shahenda Mostafa Starcom Media Executive
Zeina Harbi J. Walter Thompson Digital Account Executive
Mai Azmy J. Walter Thompson Managing Director
Diana George J. Walter Thompson Senior Planner
Ramsey Naja J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Officer
Menna el Sweify Mondelez Egypt Foods Senior Brand Manager
Dina Medhat Mondelez Egypt Foods Brand Manager
Ahmed Emad Mondelez Egypt Foods Media Manager
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