2017 Winners & Shortlists


Entrant4129GREY Istanbul, TURKEY
Idea Creation 4129GREY Istanbul, TURKEY

The Campaign

To launch the new brand, we turned the younger generation’s power to build the future into a digital experience with a cross-platform campaign: Shift to a Better Future. The campaign consisted of two timelines, the present and a future made possible with the opportunities of the bank. At the heart of the campaign lies our interactive video where the users can shift between these timelines to see how they can make their dream future a reality.

Creative Execution

The whole campaign consisted of two timelines. The experience started on the microsite with an interactive video. Once the story begins, the users are able to shift between the present and the future timelines by pressing their space button. The present shows the dreams of a student whereas the future shows how those dreams could come true. Through this, we want to emphasize the potential of the Saudi youth and how the future they dream of can be possible. The experience was available on many different platforms, like YouTube Mastheads. We used 360° videos in an innovative way. A TV version, prints and outdoors carried our message. We know that millennials are the selfie generation and they like to be in the limelight so we also defined our visual language around them and re-designed the whole banking experience including the corporate website and the other interfaces.

The campaign performed excellently with 46 million impressions and reached more than 80% of the population. It generated over 2 million clicks to our landing page. We achieved huge traffic to the website with 6.5 times more click through rate than KSA Industry average. After the campaign, 50% of the new users of the bank’s website were from the target group.

This campaign is the relaunch of the first bank of Saudi Arabia with its new attitude and vision as Alawwal Bank. Since it’s a cross-platform campaign which covers many different touch points to give its message, it fits Integrated Lynx perfectly.

The target audience was the Saudi millennials. Alawwal Bank considers the youth as the leaders of the next generation. With a renewed focus in banking, the bank aims to support the Saudi youth in helping them discover their potential for the future.


Name Company Role
Alemsah Ozturk 4129Grey Head of Agency
Bengt Eriksson Landor Head of Agency
Seren Koroglu 4129Grey Creative Director
Kadir Ozdemir 4129Grey Creative Group Head
Burak Gunduz 4129Grey Creative Group Head
Dogukan Dogan 4129Grey Creative Group
Pinar Cingoz 4129Grey Creative Group
Ercan Nailoglu 4129Grey Art Director
Safak Kordikanlioglu 4129Grey Art Director
Gulsah Karasakal 4129Grey Motion Graphics Designer
Murat Sener 4129Grey Graphic Designer
Miranda Kokyan 4129Grey Graphic Designer
Hidayet Bayraktar 4129Grey Technical Director
Firat Sorgucu 4129Grey Project Manager
Melike Asci 4129Grey Brand Manager
Berna Bulat Pekbas 4129Grey Agency Producer
Fatih Kocak 4129Grey Software Developer
Selim Ipek 4129Grey Agency Producer
Gunay Sert 4129Grey Software Developer
Murat Yilmaz 4129Grey Software Developer
Kayhan Dural 4129Grey Digital Communications Director
Simal Karatepe 4129Grey Digital Communications Manager
Ozge Caldiran 4129Grey Digital Communications Art Director
Hazer Gundogdu 4129Grey Digital Communications Art Director
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