2017 Winners & Shortlists


Product/Service4G SERVICES
EntrantFP7/TUN Tunis, TUNISIA
Idea Creation FP7/TUN Tunis, TUNISIA
Media Placement FP7/TUN Tunis, TUNISIA
Media Placement 2 UM MENA Tunis, TUNISIA
Production FP7/TUN Tunis, TUNISIA

The Campaign

The Hammam Fighter. We created a uniquely Tunisian retro-game with Tunisian street humour, inspired from the iconic “Street Fighter” game. The game featured two Harzas (women working in a Turkish Bath also known as Hammam) in combat! And showed the speed of Orange’s 4G through fast-paced and entertaining gaming.

Creative Execution

Instead of objectifying women like most games do, we remained real. As a branded game, Hammam Fighter featured two Harzas as playable characters in an iconic showdown, each with their own UNIQUELY TUNISIAN range of humour, jibes, weapons such as Sandals, Soaps and Sponges, and finishing moves such as The Slipper Smackdown, The Finger in the Eye, and The Towel Drop! Online films shared the backstory and the rivalry! Game demos, Entertaining social posts, People's game-play videos and Tables of players, activated participation. The Harzas even became the stars of Tunisia's Comic Con! Through gaming influencers, the idea engaged millions, trended across top media platforms (including Huffington Post in the region) and became the most shared hashtag by a brand in Tunisia.

(1) 19% of Tunisian youth became active gamers.    (2) Recommendation scores: +98%.   (3) Perception improved:  +57% vs. Established competitors.   (4) Preference for Orange’s 4G:  +38% vs. Established competitors. (5) Purchase intent:  +24% vs. Established competitors. (6) The film received 2 million views, reaching 100% of Tunisian teens online.

The Hammam Fighter is branded game created by Orange to engage time-poor youth in Tunisia, by showing them the speed of Orange’s 4G, and became a product demonstration worthy of their time. Specially designed and uniquely Tunisian “weapons” and “moves”, an immersive gameplay experience for Tunisian youth to play as the Harzas on mobile and desktop, entertaining social content, "Fight the Harzas" at Tunisia’s Comic-Con, along with influencers and media WOM made it MENA’s most popular branded game. It was an unconventional, integrated campaign to promote a 4G product using digital and mobile channels, and acquire young consumers for Orange.

Retro-gaming is a popular trend with Tunisian youth, with Street Fighter being the most popular retro-game. While Street Fighter showcases characters from different countries, Tunisia never had its representatives! To be memorable to Tunisians, Orange needed to get inspired by local culture. And we tapped into the most famous, iconic and hilarious street fighters of Tunisia - THE HARZAS – women who work in Turkish baths (Hammams) and FIGHT over stealing each other’s clients!


Name Company Role
Monji Bhouri FP7/TUN Strategic Planner
Nidhal Zoghlami FP7/TUN Managing Director
Georges Yammine FP7/TUN Executive Creative Director
Slim Essaidi FP7/TUN Conceptualizer Copywriter
Tahaab Rais FP7/MENA Regional Head of Strategic Planning
Mehdi Klibi Banni Banni Director
Haythem Derbel Banni Banni Producer
Sara Zebouchi Banni Banni Producer
Hafedh Farhani UM Tunisia Digital Coordinator
Ines Ben Hmida UM Tunisia Digital Planner
Khalil Abdelkefi UM Tunisia Managing Director
Afifa Chihaoui FP7/TUN CEO
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