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Product/ServiceRETAIL SPORTS

The Campaign

Our idea was to run a campaign across multiple channels- TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Cinema, Digital and In Store and make them integrated by one solution that drive audience to our new E-commerce website by activating the MOBILE SHAZAM ME campaign and allowing the target audience to scan the ad (Visual or Sound) . All media channels were synchronized with a well thought out content and native integration making it the first integrated media campaign of its kind involving all media,BTL&ATL. A competition was executed on Sport 360 newspaper based on PROGRAMATIC CREATIVE OPTIMIZATION. Shazamable print ads daily, NATIVELY PLACED showcasing a products, relevant to the adjacently positioned news story. This educated the target audience and led them directly through Shazam to SSSPORTS website Multimedia competition was launched for the campaign. It involved recognizing sports-related sounds natively. Presenters integrated the idea within the program & engaged with listeners.

Creative Execution

We explored the world of smartphone music consumption with a focus on Shazam – a globally celebrated app. Shazam lately launched the visual scan technology through their app. We were the first to integrate this technology in MENA region and with their existing sound recognition music scan system, we managed to integrate our execution throughout all our media selection. In order for this technology to work and perform, we have customized our Print to fit natively, Radio and TV commercial with a unique coding and customized sports music track rhythm orchestrated by sport elements that help synergize the technology with the campaign. In order to maintain the audience and engage with them, the challenge was to ensure that we link every material and detail natively through the use of Programmatic Creative so we can integrate with the audience and the app preference (MUSIC). The campaign ran for 2 weeks.

The campaign delivered 32 million impressions through shazam app only and registered 431,156 clicks at a CTR of 1.31%. 40,080 users were registered Shazaming the ad within 9 days across platforms , which contributed to 46,393 page views for the brand. 5,700 messages / registrations were received from the Radio competition alone through Shazam. The average Shazam user visited 1.90 pages per session and spent an average of 3 minutes and 4 seconds, which is twice the time spent by direct traffic users, indicating Shazam users consumed more content on the site.

The challenge was how to integrate the offline media that dropping dramatically with a simple online technology and get outstanding results. Our execution represent second to none results through one integrated media strategy driven by creative programmatic solution, content and native integration amalgamated with online mobile technology that can read and listen (Shazam).

Target audience is young, digital&tech savvy, novelty seekers, heavy smartphone users, multi screeners, on the go and novelty seekers. We highlighted music as a fundamental aspect of the sports experience, often used as the ideal accompaniment for training. Research has proven that music has the potential to elicit a small but significant effect on performance. Such facts explain the rapid adoption of a second screen in training and an increase of media consumption during physical activity. We explored the world of smartphone music consumption with a focus on Shazam which recognizes music, images, TV and media around the consumer. Through the Shazam mobile app partnership, all media was synchronized making it the first integrated media campaign. We utilized Shazam’s image and sound recognition feature - enabling consumers to scan content. The ads would take viewers/listeners/readers straight to the SSSwebsite – it was required for a visitor to enter personal information.


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Sandra Saade Reginal Media Director
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