2017 Winners & Shortlists


Idea Creation IMPACT BBDO Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

To drive volume, we had to give value to the pack. And we did, by transforming them into Egypt’s first sports betting medium, in a country where sports betting is illegal. How? We found a loophole; yes, sports betting is illegal but buying a bag of Chipsy IS NOT. We placed scores on Chipsy packs; all the consumer had to do was buy a pack, take a photo of it, and place their bet by messaging the bag’s serial code; and if you were one of the first 100 who guessed it correctly, you won with Chipsy. This time limit kept our consumers on their toes. And, to make it easier, to win you only had to predict the total number of goals. So, if you guessed 6, and the score turned out to be 6-0, 3-3-, 4-2, or 5-1! Just like that, we turned potato chips into betting chips!

Creative Execution

Since the idea revolved around our pack, we kicked off the campaign by launching different pack designs (scores from 0-6) without communicating anything. Instantly, everyone was intrigued. The ease to win was communicated in our humorous TV ads, where we showed that practically anyone could predict the right number of goals - regardless if they were into the league or not. Through these spots we delivered on the the reality that there are 89% of people in Egypt who do not follow UCL. To keep consumers engaged with the brand, we created booths across the city that broadcasted the UCL matches to encourage consumers to follow their goal predictions. Overnight, kiosks became betting booths, supermarkets the equivalent of casinos, and our Facebook page became Egypt’s first sports betting microsite to ever exist!

See Confidential Information for results.

Chipsy revolutionized the football watching experience in Egypt by allowing its consumers to bet in a country where sports betting is illegal. It found a loophole in the law; yes sports betting is illegal but buying a bag of chips is not; and just like that it turned it’s potato chips to betting chips. Kiosks became betting booths, supermarkets the equivalent of casinos, and our Facebook page - Egypt’s first sports betting microsite to exist! And our roadshow became Egypt’s first and only casino on wheels. Suddenly what was one illegal became an activity done anywhere, anytime, through any medium.

Believe it or not, the world’s biggest football league is not that big in Egypt, in fact UCL is the least watched football competition by Chipsy’s consumers, with only 11% following it. So could Chipsy get the other 89% excited about its UCL sponsorship? Through consumer research, we discovered regardless of the league, people always predicted the score. Therefore in a country where sports betting is illegal, we had to find a way to make consumers do what they love most without breaking the law WHILE buying more of Chipsy. We had to find a way to connect our packs with an illegal sport.


Name Company Role
Roni Chamcham Impact BBDO Cairo Managing director
Hussam Moro IMPACT BBDO CAIRO President & CCO
Ahmed ElKeiy Impact BBDO Cairo Exceutive Creative Director
Kamel Basha IMPACT BBDO CAIRO Art Director
Mazen Elmasri Pepsico Int. limited- Chipsy Food Industries Regional Marketing Director
Mohamed Fathi Impact BBDO Cairo Creative Director
Ahmed Hany Impact BBDO Cairo Senior Copywriter
Hend Ghorab IMPACT BBDO CAIRO Strategic Planner
Hamza Abd El Monem IMPACT BBDO CAIRO Project Co-leader
Jad AlRabahi IMPACT BBDO Dubai Regional Account Director
Aref Fakhoury IMPACT BBDO Cairo Group Account Director
Malak Mikhael Impact BBDO Cairo Senior studio manager
Richard Addington OMD UAE Director
Amin Elmasri ASAP film productions Exceutive producer
Dara Maher OMD UAE Senior Director
Shorouk Mokhtar ASAP film productions Producer
Maher Ghazal OMD UAE Business Unit Director
Ammar Abu shady ASAP film productions Line Producer
Sameh Hosny ASAP film productions Line Producer
Maged Nassar N/A Director
Ayman Abbas Positive Image Studio Professional photographer
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