2017 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantMAHDYS Cairo, EGYPT
Idea Creation MAHDYS Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement OMD EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT
Additional Company DIGITAL REPUBLIC Cairo, EGYPT
Additional Company 2 PLUSH STUDIOS Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

"Chipsy.. No gatherings' turn-offs" Fun times together are hindered by certain turn-off acts such as silly jokes, mobile distractions, irritating negative comments that take away the fun of the moment The person who does those turn off acts is described as the “downer” or in Arabic “faseel” Chipsy being the guardian of “fun sharing” Will eliminate any downer who does acts that take away from our fun times together and it will further amplify the moment with fun unique games on the packs to play together. For the very first time introducing "game-able packs"! This was introduced in the TV copies that demonstrates the ruined fun moments and eliminating the downers through our featured celebrity and his squad. The celebrity role was positioned in light humorous situations from him and his squad, which generated genuine reactions from the downers and brought back the ruined fun moments.

Creative Execution

we launched a full-fledged campaign that started with two TVC's on air and uploaded on YouTube in parallel with a huge outdoor network covering all Cairo, followed by digital and on-ground support TVC's: - Two main-sell copies that were showcasing several situations for the gatherings' turn-offs/ downers & our gatherings guardian (celebrity) interferes to save those precious moments. - Outdoor network launching the new gaming/ fun packaging and supported by the visuals from the campaign with the featured star (celebrity) and his squad. - New Flavors launch TVC’s: another two tactical copies launching two new flavors for more fun gatherings - Digital: guessing the games challenges, consumers' feedback coverage & self-generated content for people talking about their "gathering turn-off" friends - On-ground: wide scale activation with Chipsy squad looking for the gatherings, checking for it's turn-offs and trying to compliment it with all needed fun elements.

- Copies like-ability & reaching consumers relevance that exceeded all expectations. - Facebook tagging with very high engagement - Engagement rate: 7.7MM in less than a month - Reach: 71% (vs 50%-70% Benchmark) - Video Views: 8.6MM vs 8MM Planned - Impressions: 79MM vs 3MM Planned - CTR: 2.4% (vs 0.10-0.20% Benchmark) Digital gaming (create your own proverb) results after only few days - Reach: 2.9MM - Likes: 19.5k - Comments: 3.5K Sales performance: Family packs: 131% VS. the plan Jumbo packs: 174% VS. the plan

The campaign was generated from an original insight that is highly relevant for the targeted audience, it created hype big time, managed to generate very good content with high engagement rate, was produced with a very high production quality. all of that was done by fledgling it across several mediums (TV, Digital, OOH & wide scale On-ground activation) and this paid off when it was reflected on the results and consumers' feedback.

Chipsy's target is usually a challenging one, as they are mostly teens and millennials gathered in different consumption occasions. Those occasions varies from a socioeconomic class to another, and depends on the classification of females and males. Reaching this target wasn't an easy job so we decided to cover several types of their gatherings and relate to it by showcasing them in the TV copies, on-ground touch points, generating feedback and offering them the complimentary element for their ultimate gatherings. Introducing "the game-able packs" through humorous situations in which we eliminate the turn-off factor (downer) and replace it with the new packs.


Name Company Role
Tamer Mahdy Mahdys Director & ECD
Hisham Mahdy Mahdys MD
Lamis Hazem Mahdys Account Director
Mohamed Atwa Mahdys Conceptual copywriter
Mohamed Nasr Mahdys Sr. graphic designer
Matej Kriznik Freelance DOP
Yasser Abdellatif Mahdys Art director
Ahmed El-Ganainy Magic Beans Executive producer
Sara Yehia & Rodina Tantawy Mahdys Account mgt. team
Mahmoud, Ahmed & Youssef Ghali Monkeys Animators (post production)
Amir Hedaya Freelance Music Composer
Hosni Ali Le garage sound engenier
Karim Mira Lizard Colorist
Ahmed Hafez Aroma Editor
Refaat Ahmed Mahdys Sr. Copy writer
Mahmoud Derbala Magic Beans Sr. Producer
Ramy Ahmed Magic Beans Producer
Ayman Abbas Freelance Photographer
Dalia Salib PEPSICO/ CHIPSY Marketing Director
Yousra Ebeid PEPSICO/ CHIPSY Marketing Manager
Aya Shoukry PEPSICO/ CHIPSY Brand manager
Ahmed Hassan PEPSICO/ CHIPSY Brand manager