2017 Winners & Shortlists


Media Placement MEC GLOBAL Cairo, EGYPT
Additional Company VODAFONE EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

Every generation has its legends, its icons, whose influence is felt long after they fade into the limelight. Every generation also has its innovations. By definition, technologies are designed to replace each other. Whereas the public reaction to a once-beloved ageing star is often respectful, the treatment of a once-essential tool now rendered obsolete is far more brutal. Our film was released featuring a collection of Egyptian superstars from various fields paired with their natural successors to showcase that the power of every next generation is borrowed from the last through a message of “Continuation” rather than mere “Replacement”

Creative Execution

Our film featured 4pairs consisting of 8stars from the previous and uprising current younger generation across different professions. Portraying four of Egypt’s icons/legends in Football,Squash(Egypt’s-pride),Drama and Female Artists. Our lineup had to be real to the audience and touch their hearts through true insights with regards to each pair. The locations and art direction of each shot in the film had to match the featured coupled stars. Each location had a unique character and a dramatic feel to it,yet ensuring a beautiful glamorous shot. The music we had took the consumers from ground to ceiling, whereas it started off with a slow emotional tune; leveling up second by second to complement the actual video,reaching to the crescendo part to boost up each grand finale victory shot. Sound effects and ambient sounds were used as well in several parts throughout the film like the sound of the ball in the squash-training.

In terms of communication impact, the video went viral almost immediately, becoming the #1 trending video on YouTube, #2 hashtag on Twitter, and earning 1 million organic views on Facebook in just 24 hours. Egyptian social media’s reception to our outdoor campaign was equally positive, as fans, influencers, even celebrities and brands began recreating their own versions of our “Generation to Generation” artwork. Boosting the success, we reacted immediately by launching web application to enable even more people to create their own images. Over 150,000 people joined in. All told, the earned PR generated by the campaign amounted to half a million US dollars and our film emerged as the most popular ad on YouTube in the Middle East for December.

Our Campaign was launched through an 8 phase communication plan across various mediums; starting with the teaser phase through a digital engagement; influencers uploaded pictures with their role models with our campaign hashtag, followed by our ATL campaign launch on TV/outdoors and social media, moving to the consumer engagement phase; whereas a photo mobile application was developed for consumers to create their own pictures with their role models “The generation they aspire too”, followed by branding all our retail stores, and PR coverage across through online and offline articles.

“The Power of Every Generation” Fact shows that Vodafone is perceived as the strongest network in Egypt throughout the past 10 years among the Egyptian society and by facts and results. Earlier this year, 4G networks were launched in Egypt. Vodafone’s competitors were quick to position themselves as tech innovators with their respective campaigns, highlighting what 4G brings to the table; speed. But what of the millions of Egyptians still using 3G? The new 4G networks were fancy and fast,but still very esoteric in a country where most of the population’s phones weren’t even compatible. Vodafone decided then to launch its 4G network,not by discrediting its 3G past,but by honoring it. The film combined all four professions with all the beloved stars to appeal to all targets; men,women,sons and daughters. Our strategy was clearly showcasing that “From the most powerful 3rd generation network to the most powerful 4th generation network.


Name Company Role
Mohamed Shaker Freelancer Film maker and director
Karim Ayesh J. Walter Thompson Cairo Associate Creative Director
Mostafa Sherif J. Walter Thompson Cairo Associate Creative Director
Ahmed Waheed J. Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Copy Writer
Youssef Hammad J. Walter Thompson Cairo Art Director
Hosny Ali The Garage Sound Engineer
Moetaz Thabet The Film Marshals Founder/Owner of The Film Marshals
Nihal Gabr The Film Marshals Producer
Mai Azmy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Managing Director
Mostafa Shady J. Walter Thompson Cairo Executive Director - New Business
Hisham Ghamrawy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Manager
Natalie Michel J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Executive
Amir Adib J. Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Planner
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