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Product/ServiceMOBILE APP
Entrant3SG-BBDO Ariana, TUNISIA
CategoryUse of Digital Media
Entrant Company 3SG-BBDO Ariana, TUNISIA
Advertising Agency 3SG-BBDO Ariana, TUNISIA
Media Agency OMD Tunis, TUNISIA

Brief Explanation

INSIGHT: Recent research has proven that constant mental stimulation can delay the loss of memory when Alzheimer is in its early stage. At that level, Alzheimer sufferers are confronted with an unexpected future. To preserve their memory, they need solutions that helps them to be continuously connected to their memories. IDEA: In real time and directly to their phones, the Backup Memory provides patients with reminders of the identity of the person entering their field of intimacy, via instant notifications. Patients can thus view their relationship status with that person, as well as memories, photos or videos related to them. This is a non-medical therapy that regularly exposes the patient to his past and greatly improves his memory.

Results and Effectiveness

32% of patients in local alzheimer associations, have started using the Backup Memory App. 9621 patients are using actually the Backup Memory. 28822 are connected to them as family members. Judging Contact:

Creative Execution

By inviting potential from different fields, specially geriatricians and phone technicians to meet one goal : provide a simple tool that can work as mental stimulator. The process was developed in two ways; First, how we could provide data from memories ? second, which solutions can helps to connect two device and acte like a real time response? By brainstorming with the two several part, we find a successful process that turns Mobile technology into a non medical therapy.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

As the most important communication tool, today the mobile is containing all datas that could tell about our life. Photos, videos, sounds, all those medias, could be used as a mental stimulator. The mobile as a channel, seems to be the perfect media that can helps to execute this idea, by the possible use of multimedia contents through instant notification by connecting relative device to the patient one.


Name Company Role
Hosni Ghariani 3sg/bbdo CEO
Yassine Boughaba 3sg/bbdo Creative Director