2015 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryIntegrated Campaign Led By Promo & Activation
Entrant Company J. WALTER THOMPSON Manama, BAHRAIN
Advertising Agency J. WALTER THOMPSON Manama, BAHRAIN

The Brief

City Centre Bahrain’s (CCB) aim was to capitalize on the festive, gift giving mindset that sets the mood during the month of December, globally related to Christmas celebrations. Whilst locals, expats and visiting GCC’ers alike look forward to & take part in Christmas celebrations either silently or overtly in Bahrain, the country avoids any connotation of Christmas for both cultural and religious reasons. For CCB, this point was compounded by the need to draw its avid but ultra-sensitive Saudi shopper. Objective was to bridge the divide – ultimately to bring the joy of Christmas to Bahrain BUT without saying Christmas!

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

We told the festive stories that went beyond the Christmas clichés and created CCB’S ‘The Winter Tales’. 2014’s story: The Nutcracker. Retold in Arabic, we teamed up with a famous storybook illustrator to bring to life a life-sized, interactive display featuring key scenes from the story, where customers were treated to daily activities; kids coloring, Sugar Plum fairy ballet performance, performing Nutcracker soldiers and a giant story telling book. Social media drew customers into a ‘Free the Nutcracker’ competition, whilst outdoor and print invited customers to the experience. Finally, our gift-with-purchase collectible Nutcrackers and books sent shoppers into a frenzy!

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Sales up by 11% vs. Dec 2013 Footfall up by 18% vs. Dec 2013 PR value = $221,462 Facebook Reach = 1,277,806 Facebook Engagement = 36,311 Instagram engagement = 22,578 The Nutcracker as a character became such an icon throughout the month long campaign that CCB had customers hounding Customer Service for the collectible Nutcrackers for each family member, shoppers and calling in to reserve them whilst travelling! Whilst Instagram was flooded with selfies of customers and the Roaming Soldiers as well as life-sized statues placed at mall entrances.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

City Centre’s core promise is to create ‘Great Moments’ that are both memorable and enriching experiences for its customers. The Winter Tales’ Nutcracker entertained, educated and made sociable an untold classic for Bahrain, which had shoppers leaving comments like, in the words of shoppers; ‘Thank you so much @citycentrebahrain’ and ‘my daughters really enjoyed the ballet show’ on social media.


Name Company Role
Samar Ameer J.walter Thompson Account Manager
Catherine Hughes J.walter Thompson Strategic Planner
Susano Saguil J.walter Thompson Art Director
Hiba Skaini J.walter Thompson Copywriter
Vijayan Kumaran J.walter Thompson Production Manager
Tristan Fitzgerald J.walter Thompson Creative Director
Adnan Alarrayed J.walter Thompson Managing Director
Mostafizur Rahman J.walter Thompson Finalizer