2015 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of promotional stunts/live advertising/live shows/concerts & festivals
Entrant Company DRIVE DENTSU Beirut, LEBANON
Advertising Agency DRIVE DENTSU Beirut, LEBANON
Production Company THE FILMHOUSE Beirut, LEBANON

The Brief

Audio Kultur, the only non-commercial music magazine in the region was created to give underground DJ’s and musicians a voice. The magazine wasn’t really picking up and needed a bigger audience and advertisers to keep going.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

Since it claims to be ‘the voice of the underground’, that’s exactly where we went. We literally went under the streets of Beirut and created a stunt, using a unique piece of light and sound technology. Using a motion sensor, music and flashing lights were activated as soon as someone approached the device. The light and sound were then transferred to a magazine stand where baffled people were asked to take a free copy of the magazine. We then released an online film entitled ‘Something strange is happening under the streets of Beirut'.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

We reached almost 30,000 views in a couple of weeks. Local and international DJ’s posted the video on their Facebook pages. Even LBC International, the leading television and online news network in the region picked it up. The demand for the magazine tripled. AK magazine stands are now available in most trendy bars, cafés and restaurants across the city. And yes, you’ll now also find advertising inside the magazine.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Audio Kultur is a magazine that caters for young, hip, party people. Our installation and activation targeted them where they are present the most: On the streets and on the internet.


Name Company Role
Christian Djermakian Drive Dentsu Chief Creative Officer
Alain Shoucair Drive Dentsu Regional Executive Creative Directorg
Karim Kazan Drive Dentsu Executive Creative Director
Ali El Sayed Drive Dentsu Senior Art Director
Omar Frangieh Drive Dentsu Regional Head Of Tv
Frederic Ephrem The Filmhouse Director
Rachad Azar The Filmhouse Executive Producer
Romax Maurer Uberhaus Sound Engineer
Etyen Music Artist
Mounzer Houdeib I/Control Technical Director