2015 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of promotional stunts/live advertising/live shows/concerts & festivals
Advertising Agency INFOCHALLENGE Tunis Mahrajene, TUNISIA
Entrant Company MINDSHARE Tunis, TUNISIA

The Brief

By June'14, Tunisians were facing an unprecedented rubbish crisis. In summer period people were spending a lot of time at the beaches and unfortunately they were being transformed into an open dumping ground. Tunisie-Telecom saw an opportunity, what if we helped, give the people on the affected beaches, who were seeing the issue, a channel to communicate to the rest of Tunisia and spread the word. Challenge, the 3G-network quality on the beaches was poor. Objectives: Engage people to clean up the beaches. Enhance the 3G++ brand-image. Increase sales by 3%. Increase Tunisie-Telecom’s ecological engagement awareness among its target by30%.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

Kilograms to Kilobytes: Tunisie-Telecom converts kilograms of trash on the beaches into Kilobytes of internet connection for beach goers. Tunisie-Telecom installed the “TT-Smart Converter” onto the six Tunisian beaches most effected by the rubbish crisis. The “TT Smart Converter” consisted of a digital screen, trash bin, wireless weighing scale and an optical fiber that was connected to Wi-Fi terminals omitting 3G++ connection. The background to the initiative was communicated through a short film via the digital screen, the key message being: ‘Keep our beaches clean …. 1 Gb of mobile internet connection will be offered for 1 Kg of trash

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

-The 3G++ brand-image-index increased+31% -3G++ sales increased+5.2% -Tunisie-Telecom ecological-engagement-awareness+49% -Over 1200 people participated in cleaning the six beaches -Over 927Go of 3G-internet-mobile were liberated 927 Kilograms of trash were collected -Over 280000views, most viewed video that month on Youtube. -Over 20000support messages and comments for the initiative on socialMedia -Over 35000video shares on Facebook. -Over 4000tweets containing the video. -Twitter followers+4% -Facebook Fans+7% -Youtube subscribers+20% -Tunisia’s number one channel Al-Watania1, covered the initiative in the 8PM-News -Tunisia-News-Network covered the operation in the News -Most listened radio reported the operation -Over 150 Print and Online-media reports including several international web sites:Ads-of-the-World...

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Kilograms to Kilobytes: Tunisie Telecom converts kilograms of trash on the beaches into Kilobytes of internet connection for beach goers


Name Company Role
Med Zied Brahim Mindshare Senior Director – Client Leadership
Wassim Elghoudi Mindshare Exchange Director
Med Amine Khiari Mindshare Senior Exchange Executive
Sawssen Khamassi Mindshare Senior Exchange Executive
Ines Mestikou Mindshare Senior Exchange Executive
Ahmed Jamoussi Mindshare Senior Exchange Executive
Chaima Ben Younes Mindshare Tunisia Senior Media Assistant
Yssem Saadi Mindshare Digital Manager
Hassan Forgani Infochallenge Manager
Amine Laknech Antworks Manager
Sonia Logani Tunisie Telecom Communications Director
Hela Khadraoui Tunisie Telecom Brand Manager
Nizar Jeridi Tunisie Telecom Brand Manager