2015 Winners & Shortlists



Case Film

Presentation Board

CategoryProduct launch/re-launch/shopper market
Entrant Company IMPACT BBDO Cairo, EGYPT
Advertising Agency IMPACT BBDO Cairo, EGYPT
Production Company LIGHTHOUSE FILMS Cairo, EGYPT

The Brief

Energy drinks have long associated themselves with extreme sports, but in Egypt, there is no sport as extreme the challenges we face everyday. When launching Sting, Pepsi’s new affordable energy drink, we decided to associate ourselves with the extreme sport of ‘Everyday Egyptian Life’. From unruly streets, constant power outages, hot tempers and even hotter temperatures, getting through the day is an Olympic sport. And we are champions!! This was Sting’s opportunity! Energy drinks aren’t just for overcoming certain hassles. Sting is everyday energy for the everyday champion.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

We shot the daily challenges Egyptians face as sporting events; complete with sport commentator, sports shooting style and even medal award ceremony and patriotic celebration song at the end. On ground, we amplified the importance and recognition of the "Everyday Heroes” by celebrating them in real life. We went on a tour of streets throughout Egypt with the iconic bouquet man from the TVCs, where we spotted the real unsung heroes who overcome the hurdles of everyday life. We rewarded these heroes like sports champions, in the same way as our TVCs, with music, medals, flowers and of course Sting.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Just a few months after launching in the Egyptian market, Sting not only became a household name, it also became the market leader with almost 55 % market share; expanding the energy drink market by a whopping 400 times. In fact, the brand sold more cans in 3 months than what the entire category had managed to sell in the previous 6 months!

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

As an affordable energy drink attempting to infiltrate a market of overpriced, imported alternatives, we had to change the perception of energy drinks from an ultra-occasional luxury to an everyday boost. The opportunity to do so was in acknowledging the reality of everyday life in Egypt and the unique hurdles people encounter on a daily basis, thus highlighting a need and daily occasion for the product.


Name Company Role
Emile Tabanji Impact BBDO Cairo Managing Director
Hussam Mourou Impact BBDO Cairo Executive Creative Director
Mohamed Hammad Impact BBDO Cairo Group Account Director
Dana Khoury Pepsico International Marketing Director
Lina Nawas Pepsico International Marketing Manager
Mohamed Abdelrehim Impact BBDO Head Of Tv Production
Amr El Haddad Impact BBDO Cairo Senior Art Director
Noor Hassanein Impact BBDO Cairo Senior Copywriter
Sarah El Atabani Impact BBDO Cairo Account Manager
Mira Chelala Impact BBDO Cairo Senior Account Executive
Hani Mohsen Impact BBDO Cairo Junior Copywriter
Mohamed Gaber Impact BBDO Cairo Art Director
Sarah Hashem Impact BBDO Cairo Line Producer