2015 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceQX70S ELITE SPORT
CategoryIntegrated Campaign Led By Promo & Activation

The Brief

Infiniti is a challenger brand and the QX70, marketed as “The Original”, is the first crossover in the world, creating a whole new category. Since the QX70 is the most iconic model within the Infiniti line up, going down a conventional path to promote the new QX70S Elite Sport was out of the question. We needed to re-energize interest in the QX70 in a market that’s cluttered with near-identical advertising. Our strategy was to turn the brand philosophy “Inspired performance” into a first-hand tangible experience that goes beyond performance yet still celebrates the QX70S Elite Sport expressive, forward-thinking nature.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

In a world-first, Infiniti teamed up with a light-painter and stunt drivers to create a category-busting piece of communication made up of dynamic shapes and powerful moving canvases. The world’s leading light painter, Patrick Rochon, directed this intricate performance. Each car took four experienced technicians eight hours to rig. There are no light bulbs on the rigs, and no special effects were used. Each QX70 has 18 meters of LED strips carefully fixed in place. We wanted to bring this world's first as a live performance to capture people's imagination and spark conversations on social media to launch the QX70S.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The live event attracted over 10,000 people, gaining 28,000 shares on Facebook and Twitter. Inspired light was the most engaging and most visible campaign with 7.8M reach, 2M views and and 142K interactions across all social media platforms both YouTube and Facebook. Our Facebook fan base grew by 126%-vs yearly average (226M-fans now). Twitter fan base grew by 140%-vs yearly average – (35,500-fans now - second best in the region) as well as 10% sales increase on the car QX70S-Elite-Sport after the event vs QX70 average monthly sales, aiding in making it the Middle East's fastest growing premium automotive brand.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

QX70, marketed as “The Original”, was the first crossover in the world, creating a whole new category of vehicles with its expressive, forward-thinking nature. To prove its originality QX70S cars were used for the first time in the world as the tools of a bold new art form - light painting - to create dynamic shapes, forms and powerful moving canvases.


Name Company Role
Rohan Young TBWA/RAAD Executive Creative Director
Elisa Arienti TBWA/RAAD Art Director
Madeleine Butcher TBWA/RAAD Sr. Copywriter
Dana Silwadi TBWA/RAAD Senior Creative
Khalil Salem TBWA/RAAD Brand Leader
Rania Nazmy TBWA/RAAD Sr. Account Director
Ola Ibrahim TBWA/RAAD Account Manager
Jessica Abi Nassif TBWA/RAAD Agency Producer
Sabine Farah The Talkies Producer
Patrick Rochon Patrick Rochon Light Painting Light Painter
Evan Jones Patrick Rochon Light Painting Producer/Engineer
Marko Radzic TBWA/RAAD Senior Planner