2014 Winners & Shortlists



The Campaign

In 2006, The Nissan Tiida was launched for a young target audience. With rebellious imagery and edgy illustrations, the campaign was hip for its time and established Tiida as the youth car. In 2013, we had to launch the next generation Tiida. But our target audience had evolved, from being traditionally passive to socially active. They were tweeting, sharing and creating their own content. And we had to find a platform that would be relevant to them. We didn’t want to force a campaign through traditional mediums. So, by taking the unusual name and its double ii, we created an idea that organically grew through digital and social pop-culture content and took on a life of its own.

Success of the Campaign

For the client, this campaign offered new thinking, new territory and a new level of interaction and integration as campaign grew rapidly in various directions. For us, the success of the campaign was never in doubt… • 140.1 million impressions • 321.1k clicks • CTR 0.55% • 10527 leads • 7791 app registrations • 131,887 page views • 8,318 new fans on Nissan Page • 7- region-wide-location simultaneous themed launch event • 1500 participants And best of all, the Tiida conversation continues to grow online today…

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

This strategy was a first for Nissan and put the channels of communication firmly in the hands of the public who became part of a ‘snowball’ effect. This was always a risk, but confident implementation and seeding that always remained relevant and engaging was key to the campaign’s success. First we released well-known pop-culture references and films, but changed key moments, sounds and elements to a ‘Tiida’ moment. This became so popular that the public began to share self-made versions. This inspired us to create an online competition with toolkit that made it even easier to take part. We then took the two iis of the word “Tiida” and transformed them into to topical subjects as well as other cool references. Now we truly had caught the public’s imagination and the campaign exploded into to life, not only spawning more version of the Tiida iis, but events that included – Art exhibitions, graffiti walls, running events, parties and much more than we can fit into just 150 words…


Name Company Role
Saad Gharzeddine TBWA/Raad Senior Account Director
Natasha Monteiro TBWA/Raad Senior Account Manager
Gerard Fadel TBWA/Raad Account Executive
Sumanth Wilkins TBWA/Raad Senior Art Director
Hiba Hassan TBWA/Raad Senior Art Director
Dan Jacques TBWA/Raad Copywriter
Moe Shehebar TBWA/Raad Senior Arabic Copywriter
Sandeep Fernandes TBWA/Raad Associate Creative Director
Guido Pecego TBWA/Raad Associate Creative Director
Luke Morris Mindshare MENA Senior Account Manager Digital
Lina Chalak Mindshare MENA Senior Account Executive Digital
Shiboo Shamz Mindshare MENA Digital Project Manager
Charbel Nsr Mindshare MENA Social Media Manager
Jamal Hilal Nissan Middle East Brand Manager
Yolande Pineda Nissan Middle East General Manager Corp Comms
Reham Eldidi Nissan Middle East Assistant Manager Corp Comms
Jason Simms Ketchum Raad Senior Account Director
Tuan Le TBWA/Raad Senior Copywriter