2014 Winners & Shortlists


Advertising Agency LEO BURNETT QATAR Doha, QATAR

The Campaign

Everyone in Qatar celebrates the National Day, and every company creates its own communication during this day. This fact creates a great clutter in all communication channels where most of the work turns out to be congratulatory and somehow look the same. Strategy: This National Day, we wanted to break through the clutter and get noticed by turning the conversation the other way around and make the people who live in Qatar (all of them) become the heart of our campaign. Idea: Let’s open a channel for people to express their love for Qatar

Success of the Campaign

In few days, 5000 different people wrote 5000 messages on the microsite. Thousands of people contributed in the voting for the best-written messages through Ooredoo Facebook page. Thousands of people saw our wall that was displayed across various locations in Doha. Our print ad got 100% reach since it appeared as a full middle spread in all newspapers on that day. And since people couldn’t miss seeing our campaign online, in print and outdoor, it got 96% recall. What’s important is that people (Qataris and expatriates living in Qatar) showed their appreciation to Ooredoo for giving them a chance to express and share their love for Qatar.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

weareallqatar.com was launched as well as #weareallqatar We wanted people to express their gratitude online by completing the sentence "I love Qatar because…". Each time someone wrote a message, the pixel on the microsite would change colour, revealing part of a bigger picture. Once the pixels completed, our image was revealed and sent by email to all contributors. But this wasn’t the main purpose of the microsite. Every day, Ooredoo selected the best 3 messages and shared them on its Facebook wall. The ones with the highest votes were then used in our print and outdoor campaign. Moreover, The 5000 pixels of the microsite were recreated on an actual wall including the pixel number, person´s name and message. This wall was then displayed across various locations in Doha.


Name Company Role
Bechara Mouzannar Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer
Munah Zahr Leo Burnett Executive Creative Director
Sami Saleh Leo Burnett Managing Director
Michael Habre Leo Burnett Associate Creative Director
Frederic Wehbe Leo Burnett Art Director
Felipe Menezes Leo Burnett Art Director
Eliana Maakaron Leo Burnett Editor
Zeina Safa Leo Burnett Editor
Youssef Chahine Leo Burnett Communication Director
Natalie Chahine Leo Burnett Communication Manager
Hassan Rifai Leo Burnett Communication Manager
Mohamad Shawash Leo Burnett Community Manager
Jihad Hteit Leo Burnett Designer