2014 Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company JWT Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Advertising Agency JWT Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

For many years Elissa,a famous Lebanese singer, was the face of the L’azurde jewellery brand and whilst she had a great impact on sales and popularity of the brand,it soon became a case of a celebrity overshadowing the brand.The brand’s future was at stake, we had to save it and revive it. Historically the Arab woman had inspired generations of poets, writers, musicians and artists.Her beauty had been the focal point for countless great works of art, but today ironically she had been relegated to the shadows. This was L’azurde’s opportunity to bring her back into the limelight and revive the admiration she deserved. Since we had been in the market for so long, we had spent years devoted to her, drawing creative inspiration from her lived experiences and emotions.With this as our springboard, the Arab woman became our muse, and her beauty both internal and external was our inspiration.

Success of the Campaign

Our Fan base increased on facebook from 188, 423 to 234,535 an increase of 15,094 fans = 6.85% (source: facebook) Website visitors increased by 37,729 = 30.9% (source: Google analytics) Youtube channel had more than 1 million views (source: youtube) Poetry Application launched generated a total of 2,225 visits in one month (source: Google analytics) A post evaluation of our campaign indicated that 87% of women were either involved or motivated by our communication (source; TNS brand tracker Dec 2013) Overall, we exceeded the sales target in Egypt by 26% and in KSA by 15% (l’azurde sales data) and managed to create a deeper and far more meaningful relationship with the Arab woman.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

To bring our idea to life we decided to show the power the Arab woman has to inspire art and creativity,especially the art and creativity of L’azurde.We chose poetry;a form of art rooted in Arab culture and began with a captivating TV spot dedicated to the beauty of the Arab woman.Press ads built on our idea and also showcased the jewellery inspired by her.Online we used our social media channels to strike up conversations with women on what makes the Arab woman so unique and we had banners driving consumers to visit our website to view the collection of jewellery that had been crafted for them. Our website was revamped,with a new look to mark our new language along with an app that let people send customised cards to their loved ones.In store we brought the poem to life, by branding our retail stores with quotes from our poem.


Name Company Role
Ramsey Naja Jwt Chief Creative Officer
Chafic Haddad Jwt Executive Creative Director
Rayyan Aoun Jwt Creative Director
Ghassan Al Ghaddaf Jwt Head Of Arabic Copywriting
Alaa Abu Hammeen JWT Associate Business Director
Dana Al Kutoubi Jwt Planning Director
Joe Abu Daher JWT Head Of Tv Production
Ayman Al Haffar L'azurde Executive General Manager
Wisam Sermany L'azurde Group Product Development Manager/Marketing Manager Ksa