2014 Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company IMPACT BBDO Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Advertising Agency IMPACT BBDO Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

The holy month of Ramadan in KSA, is not only the month of fasting, but as well of solicitude, good deeds, and helping the under privileged and less fortunate. However, over the years, the very act of giving has gradually diluted in emotional essence and become more of mechanical and impersonal going against what the real Ramadan value stood for. The aim was to revive the true meaning of giving by growing the emotional tie between those who give and those who need. Since words are the most genuine forms of emotional expression, we gave the public a platform to contribute genuinely from the heart.

Success of the Campaign

With the arrival of Eid, more than 665,749 messages were printed and delivered with toys filling the hearts of the little ones with warmth and joy. +3 Brand I Love vs. PAGO +1 “Supports causes that help our society” vs PAGO 84% campaign recognition vs 50% norms 96% Positive Sentiment 11,000+ Twitter mentions 44,000+ Facebook interactions 1.9 million TVC views online 15 million+ Facebook impressions 2 million website visits & 11 million page views In the end the children may or may not remember the toys they got, nor the participants remember what they gave, but both will never forget the special words written in each other’s hearts.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign took shape through a powerful motto of - yallana3ti. To exploit the idea to its potency of “giving”, we partnered with well known charity organisations, 'Inssan' and 'Al Birr' that supervise and take care of orphans. Through our brand facebook page, a microsite (www.yallana3ti.com) and on-ground special booths, we invited consumers to get involved and write a personalized message coupled with a toy of their choice dedicated to these orphan kids. A yallana3ti hashtag was created for Facebook and Twitter to nurture the positive conversation further. As consumers chose their gifts, simultaneously, a dedicated on ground team was converting the gifts and messages into real ones to be delivered to the intended children. TV and Radio spots came to support the campaign, driving more people to the microsite and to our social media pages.


Name Company Role
Mohamad Sarhi IMPACT BBDO Jeddah Creative Director
Shafiq Alam IMPACT BBDO Jeddah Associate Creative Director
Wissam Chaar IMPACT BBDO Jeddah Senior Art Director
Samer Khansa IMPACT BBDO Jeddah Regional Account Director
Nazih Hajj IMPACT BBDO Jeddah Account Manager
Imtiyaz Ali IMPACT BBDO Jeddah Art Director
Sajid Ali IMPACT BBDO Jeddah Junior Art Director
Junaid Khan IMPACT BBDO Jeddah 3d Visulaizer