2014 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantUM Giza, EGYPT
Media Agency UM Giza, EGYPT
Entrant Company UM Giza, EGYPT
Media Agency 2 UM Giza, EGYPT

The Campaign

For three days, November 14th-16th 2013, Coca Cola was exclusively bringing the most admired sports icon in the world: the FIFA World Cup Trophy to Egypt for 3 day events: arrival of trophy, Charity Day and a Fan Day The main Insight was that Egyptians were in Patriotic mood, they felt proud & empowered and Egypt is a very Football passionate nation The Strategy was to give consumers a once in a lifetime experience to witness history through Real time advertising, reacting in the moment to events happening and putting a relevant brand spin on them. The Idea was to communicate the exclusive event as 'Top Breaking News’ across owned, paid and earned mediums on all media vehicles, media objectives was to increase each of the metrics by 1 point.

Success of the Campaign

-Campaign generated a 450k clicks having an average CTR of 0.30% which reached a peak of 2.2% -Achieved 1.2M views on YouTube -Social Influencers support generated 8.6 million impressions with 5% Average engagement rate -Twitter: 992,000 impressions, Engagement rate 7% and 3,800 retweets -Brand scored higher than the objectives on all metrics among target audience ‘Exclusive Love’ increased by 3.8 points ‘Love for Brand’ increased by 7.8 points Ad awareness increased by 12.3 points ‘Always try something new’ increase by 10.2 points ‘Youthful Brand’ increased by 15 points

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Owned Media: The following were activated on all Coca Cola Radio, digital & social media assets 1- Trivia & facts about World Cup and Trophy 2- Competitions to win tickets for the Fan Day 3- Countdown to trophy arrival 4- Reportages on TV about the three days 5- Interviews with Coke personnel Paid Media 1- TV, Radio & Digital campaigns 2- Utilized the top Social media influencers to create hype around the trophy before and during the trophy arrival Earned & Free Media: Free coverage on TV and Radio for: 1- Live coverage of the events 2- Hosting of the Trophy in programs 3- Charity & fan day events coverage 4- Interviews of Coca Cola Company personnel 5- Countdown to event 6- SMS bar to update news about the trophy 7- Competition promos


Name Company Role
Karim Tawfik UM Cairo General Manager
Shahinda Kamal UM Cairo Head Of Communication Planning
Salma Shedid UM Cairo Media Supervisor
Nariman Ebrashy UM Cairo Media Executive
Amr Zifzaf UM Cairo Digital Media Manager
Wael Eino UM Cairo Digital Media Executive
Ahmed Hany UM Cairo Online Analyst
Mohamed Hussein UM Cairo Buying Manager