2014 Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company IMPACT BBDO Cairo, EGYPT
Advertising Agency IMPACT BBDO Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

Greenland, the Egyptian white cheese brand, is one that you can use on any sandwich in any form and with any additions. So the challenge was transforming a basic commodity into a big brand with a strong platform relevant to every Egyptian. Egyptian CHIVARLY “GAD3ANA” is a behavior that is disappearing even though it is rooted in the Egyptian culture. We wanted to bring back “GAD3ANA” and remind people that we can sometimes forget the simple things/values we take for granted like a commodity. In a post-revolution Egypt, crime has essentially terminated the existence of this once common Egyptian trait. The aim was to increase brand awareness by fulfilling and restoring this behavioral need. Using a celebrity who is widely regarded as a people’s man, Greenland white cheese was presented as a reliable commodity that one you could always count on. Because of that, Greenland is your chivalry choice.

Success of the Campaign

Greenland’s campaigns managed to not only create a brand role for a commodity driven brand with low market share and awareness. By fulfilling an Egyptian need, the market share increased dramatically, and the brand developed a character of its own. Currently Greenland has a total of 310,000 Facebook fans, 260,000 people talking about it, and 22 million impressions. Through its thematic and tactical campaigns launched throughout the year under the “gad3ana” platform, Greenland now stands out with strong brand awareness in the Egyptian market forever associated with a very respected characteristic, gad3ana. The brand saw an unexpected growth of 26% compared to the previous year.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We released 2 TVC’s introducing the idea of chivalry for Greenland. This was accompanied by outdoors and POSM in traditional and modern trade. A Facebook page with interactive posts followed. During the summer we continued communicating, this time it was with a tactical campaign building on an authentic Egyptian tradition, white cheese with watermelon. Greenland wanted to own this characteristic giving the brand a new character in order to make it the chivalry choice! During the last quarter of the year when schools started, we launched another tactical campaign for a creamy variant. The positioning aimed to show it’s easier to spread in sandwiches, but this wasn’t enough. The campaign was competing against fast food chains, so Greenland was portrayed as the chivalry choice because it is faster and healthier than any fast food sandwich. These campaigns were complimented with a song that went viral to revive gad3ana in Egyptians.


Name Company Role
Hussam Mourou Impact BBDO Cairo Executive Creative Director
Ahmed El Keiy Impact BBDO Cairo Associate Creative Director
Mohamed Ghamrawy Impact BBDO Cairo Senior Copywriter
Mostafa Farid Impact BBDO Cairo Graphic Designer
Mohamed Abdel Latif Impact BBDO Cairo Planning Director
Dalia Abdel Shafi Impact BBDO Cairo Senior Account Director
Hadir El Akabawi Impact BBDO Cairo Account Manager
Mohamed Abdel Rehim Impact BBDO Cairo Regional Production Head
Saleh El Azab Impact BBDO Cairo Tv Producer
Sarah Hashem Impact BBDO Cairo Line Producer