2013 Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company IMPACT BBDO Beirut, LEBANON
Advertising Agency IMPACT BBDO Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

The Worth Doing campaign is the campaign we created to reignite the interest of the Lebanese people in their heritage at loss. Lebanon’s construction came at a high cost and out of 2000 classified old homes in Beirut only 200 remain today. That heritage was truly important; unfortunately, the Lebanese had such little interest in it. We needed a true believer in our heritage to stand up for this cause: with more than 150 years knowledge in every drop, Dewar’s was the ideal candidate to lead this campaign.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign’s voice echoed loudly, reawakening the interest of the Lebanese. The Facebook page not only became an active hub, but also a reference point, with the movement receiving recognition on prime time news, talk shows and in the press. The most influential heritage NGO “Save Beirut Heritage” joined us as well as many other activist groups, making the number of militants grow. The campaign became the drive to reinforce heritage protective laws and a fund dedicated to the cause is about to be created. Today, many endangered houses are being revived not just in Beirut, but also across Lebanon. And our campaign is far from over.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We started the campaign by setting the example with a film on TV. But the film, as emotional as it was, launched a cause that needed to be followed up. The Worth Doing movement was announced in a press conference and the Facebook page was immediately initiated after that, inviting the Lebanese to join the cause on social media. Later, we asked 3 Lebanese influencers to speak up for us and recruit more and more partisans. It prompted more and more militants to shed the light on the current state of our heritage and to post pictures of endangered and saved old Lebanese homes on our Facebook page. It didn’t take long for the Worth Doing movement to gather even militants besides the various social media


Name Company Role
Walid Kanaan Impact BBDO Regional Executive Creative Director
Nancy Timani Impact BBDO Creative Director
Florence Basseux Impact BBDO Associate Creative Director
Lyna Domiati Impact BBDO Art Director
Sarah Oweida Impact BBDO Copywriter
Hala Amiouni Impact BBDO Group Account Director
Sirine Tueni Impact BBDO Account Manager
Sabah Baz Ets. Khalil Fattal/Fils General Manager
Costantinos Kouvares Ets. Khalil Fattal/Fils Area Manager Levant/Cyprus
Naji Hmouda Ets. Khalil Fattal/Fils Business Unit Manager
Elias Francis Ets. Khalil Fattal/Fils Dewar's Brand Manager
Monica Karam Social4ce Partner/Social Business Strategist
Rami Sader Bizaroob Co-Founder Designer
Jocelyne Tawk Impact BBDO Digital Account Director