2013 Winners & Shortlists


Advertising Agency FP7/DXB Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The Campaign

Pepsi dominated the youth’s share of heart and pocket. Coca-Cola ranked #2. To win their share of pocket, we needed to win their share of heart. To build and increase brand love with the youth, we needed to go beyond promotions and tap into passions. Music is a passion point. If Coke had to give a stronger emotional pay-off than Pepsi, we had to own Music as a platform in a unique, remarkable manner. The youth were seeking to balance between tradition and modernity and finding the best of both worlds meant a lot to them. So, we needed to show how music could bring the best of both worlds (tradition + modernity, east + west, our region + the world). We introduced Coke Studio, calling the region’s youth to sing together with the world and open happiness through harmony, through an integrated ecosystem of content and experiences.

Success of the Campaign

+ The 3rd highest ratings on Arab TV vs. other programs airing in the same time segment + Increased UAE's Brand Love Score reaching 3.1 for the first time ever, while across the region, association with music grew by +6 points and brand favouritism grew by +2 points due to the positive association with music + Tens of thousands of mall visitors watched the live hologram concerts, and over 1000 people participated. + YouTube videos overall got over 1,196,000 video views and 4,020 subscribers; Twitter got over 7,000 followers, and over 400 fan content videos. + Social media currency grew with its Facebook page reaching a 35% engagement score after just 10 weeks and its fans grew to 1.1 million with just the first Season. + Generated ‘Always On’ brand conversations: 18,402 social media mentions with over 90% positive sentiments; 78% of those praised the idea of fusion and collaboration.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We introduced Coke Studio calling the youth to sing together with the world, through an integrated, multi-channel branded content strategy. 1) We created a TV program of 9 episodes on MBC where an influential Arab artist collaborated with a popular international artist to create one original and amazing fusion song, showing the magic of opening up to the world and singing with it. 2) We uploaded episode highlights on online channels (Website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), as well behind-the-scenes raw footage 3) Our content was sourced by leading portals MBC, Shahid.net 4) Radio had sound bites of each influencer artist from the show 5) Targeted outdoor created mass awareness 6) We created the region's first social media playlist where youth could co-create songs with a leading artist and the region's first live interactive hologram concerts where youth could perform a live song with a leading artist before a concert-like audience


Name Company Role
Patrick Honein Fp7/Dxb Creative Director
Tarek Ali Ahmad Fp7/Dxb Business Director
Aya Shedid Fp7/Dxb Account Supervisor
Tahaab Rais Fp7/Dxb Head Of Strategic Panning/Insights
Tolga Cebe Coca-Cola Middle East Regional Marketing Manager
Islam El Dessouky Coca-Cola Middle East Group Brand Manager
Dana Nahas Um Dubai Client Business Partner
Sherif Ghanem Um Dubai Media Manager
Jad Daou Um Dubai Media Supervisor
Mazen Sraj Um Dubai Digital Supervisor
Rolly Dib Olive Tree Tv Prodcuer
Michel Elefteriedes Olive Tree Music Producer
Chadi Younes Olive Tree Tv Director
Rachel Aoun Olive Tree Dop