2013 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantOMD Cairo, EGYPT
Entrant Company OMD Cairo, EGYPT
Media Agency OMD Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

Vodafone launching a new slogan and brand positioning which is “let nothing stop you, Matkhaleesh Haga Tewa’afak” referring to that there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from doing whatever you want and achieving your goals. The campaign featured superstar Mohamed Mounir, telling his success story with singing, starting from the early years when he had the feeling that he wanted to become a famous icon; he believed in himself and had the confidence that one day he will reach his goals. The ad closing was a part of his new song that wasn’t yet released saying “anything that’s imposed is rejected, prove your existence to the world - كل المفروض مرفوض اثبت للعالم انك موجود”.

Success of the Campaign

• 58% are more likely to use the Vodafone network • 98% TV ad recall and 83% recall for the whole campaign. • 95% of people who saw the ad were able to remember the key communication message “Believe in yourself and don’t let anything stop you. • 49% likely to tell their friends about the ad • 80% thought the campaign made the brand different from competitors and the ad was enjoyable • 92% positively engaged by the Ad and made a positive association with the brand. • Over 600,000 views on YouTube, 1,157 shares on Twitter, and Facebook Posts garnered over 1,600 shares and over 1,000 comments

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign used Mohamed Mounir, a Nubian celebrity whom he reached stardom regardless living in a very poor city, he believed that he will become a star one day and reach his goal, therefore he worked on that and when he had a chance, he grabbed it and started his career. • 2 TVCs were aired on top rated channels/content • Online banners were posted on the most visited websites • 1 Radio copy was aired on top radio stations • A strong OOH campaign • Mohammed Mounir’s new song was aired on radio and digital.


Name Company Role
Hedi Hemaya Omd Associate Director
Omar Al Helaly Omd Media Manager
Shadi Nabil Omd Planner
Tarek Hosny Vodafone Marcom Director
Hamssa Hamzawy Vodafone Media Manager
Rania Hafez OMD Acting GM