2013 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServicePOTATO CHIPS
EntrantOMD Cairo, EGYPT
Entrant Company OMD Cairo, EGYPT
Media Agency OMD Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

According to research, Chipsy is under-indexing when it comes to sharing occasions and in-door consumption; hence, Chipsy teams decided to penetrate this opportunity by introducing the sharing pack with a new pack innovation to drive frequency of consumption with larger quantity and tapping into “In-home / sharing” occasion…

Success of the Campaign

• TV copies & sponsorships of the main programs • On-ground activations • Aggressive trade support: Build a creative solution to make this unique product stand out and be convenient to the merchants; which is basically a carton stand that holds up multiple packs vertically and has an attractive design that is the same as the packaging artwork • Outdoors  Billboard  Place Based • Radio campaign • Engaging digital support  Online Ads  Web site  Viral video  Social Networking Sites

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Chipsy was researching what could be the next big thing to further expand the market and consumption habits. After rigorous exploration a need was discovered. Chipsy decided to launch an innovation in the biggest pack size in Egypt (5 LE) that was going to change how people consumed potato chips altogether. A new idea was born which was built around a big pack, meant for sharing, that had a seal tape attached to it. After consuming the potato chips this seal tape allowed for the pack to be resealed making the saved potato chips fresh as the first time the pack was opened


Name Company Role
Fady Ali Pepsi Co Media Manager
Tamer El Rafie Pepsi Co PC & Nuts Marketing Manager
Tarek Jaffar Omd Director
Yosra Ebeidy Chipsy Brand Manager
Dena Badawi Chipsy Assistant Brand Manager
Sandra Makram OMD Manager Planning
Gala Oraby OMD Executive Planner
Hazem Hussein OMD Chief Creative Officer
Arkadio Ceaser OMD Executive Creative Director
Mahmoud Hosni OMD Copy Writer
Tamer ElEzabi OMD Executive Vice President & Board Member