2013 Winners & Shortlists


Advertising Agency JWT BEIRUT, LEBANON

The Campaign

The telecom sector in Lebanon is state-owned and due to legal matters, MTC TOUCH, the leading mobile operator, couldn't retain their brand name. Their objective was to carry-out a total re-branding into TOUCH. Inspired by the Arab springs, we wanted to include the Lebanese audience in our change; so we triggered a Lebanese Spring with social media and online playing a major role. We offered people the opportunity to share with the world the kind of change they would like to see, the world they would like to live in if they had the chance to recreate it themselves. We collected the content generated by the people and turned it into a re-launch campaign. The campaign was aimed at all the 4.5m Lebanese people, the stakeholders, but mainly the 2 million MTC Touch subscribers. The campaign had to appeal to every citizen young and old who practically own the brand.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign made international and local news, inmynewworld.com had over 50,000 visits in less than 2 weeks were thousands of videos were uploaded. With an average spent time of 12 minutes/visit. Thousands of people called to the radio stations and recorded their messages resulting in hours long of content. The #inmynewworld trended in Lebanon even politicians contributed to the campaign. By the end of the campaign, Facebook fans increased by over 50% and the twitter followers increased by 60%. The campaign received almost 10 folds of the intended PR reach over 85 % of the Lebanese population. Touch left the competition trailing behind with 120,000 more subscribers.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We launched right before the weekend people woke up to morning shows inviting them to share their new world. Outdoors with simple messages, to avoid censorship, directed them to inmynewworld.com. The campaign carried no logo giving it a social movement feel. Video recording booths in direct sync with our website were installed to maximize reach. #inmynewworld was launched supported by web banners, emails, sms and ambient branding. Upon landing on the site a one-minute manifesto automatically plays explaining the movement and inviting people to join our campaign. The first TV ad, radio and print were created after 48hrs of receiving the consumer generated content. Every two days we released new material showcasing different people and tagging with our own message of change. The censorship rejected many controversial edits but somehow they found their way online. Nevertheless, we managed to launch a campaign created by the people for the people.


Name Company Role
Jwt-Beirut Jwt-Beirut