2013 Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company TEAM/Y&R AMMAN, JORDAN
Advertising Agency TEAM/Y&R AMMAN, JORDAN

The Campaign

To launch Mr. Chips Tortilla, a new product in the competitive snack food market, we targeted the youth with an intriguing creative approach that injected adventure into everyday life. The branded Facebook page launched simultaneously with the campaign and a contest that promised to take participants on the adventure of their dreams, and was promoted across the campaign's multiple mediums. To bring the product and adventure to life, we went beyond the expected media and integrated a 3D artist drawing installation, a viral video with a celebrity comedian eating Mr. Chips Tortilla while experiencing adventurous flying, and a branded TV show all around adventure. Extensive sampling was also an integral part of the communication mix. Twelve different mediums were used. Consumers were encouraged to submit videos and pictures of their ideal adventure on Facebook, and the 3 most popular submissions won the adventure of their dreams.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign was a great success with our client and with consumers. Mr. Taurik Haddad, Member of the Board and Marketing Manager, confirmed that “the campaign was a great success. It exceeded [their] expectations, helped [them] penetrate a highly competitive market, and established a platform for [their] continued growth.” In addition to sales, the consumer response was very favorable. During the engaging activities such as the sampling, 3D installation and branded TV show, we received great positive feedback on the product and the promotion. Through Facebook, consumers not only expressed how much they liked the new product, but many also regularly submitted ad “sighting” photos, product enjoyment photos, and comments expressing their support of the Facebook competition. Based on the success of this first campaign, we will in 2013 be developing even more initiatives.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The Mr. Chips Tortilla campaign mix was planned and timed to generate the most effective reach and impact. The first week balanced the introduction of the new Mr. Chips Tortilla product with the drive to register on the branded Facebook page for the chance to win the adventure of a lifetime. We started with various media (newspaper, radio, outdoor, online, mall and in-store branding) and generated an immediate Facebook response. Three days later we began mass sampling campaigns in trendy areas, universities and schools in Amman and Irbid (cities with the largest student populations). We then began a 16-day 3D installation in the most popular mall, and released magazine ads at the beginning of the month. We then published a branded video of a celebrity comedian on Facebook and YouTube, setting the stage for our 12th media outlet, a multi-episode TV show that aired a week later.