2013 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantFP7 / CAI, EGYPT
Entrant Company FP7 / CAI, EGYPT
Advertising Agency FP7 / CAI, EGYPT

The Campaign

Crazy for good is a global movement, launched by coca-cola in 2013. The whole idea revolves around doing random acts of kindness to complete strangers.Egypt has been through a lot lately, revolution, economic recession and a lot of misfortunate events. It was time for some kindness to change the way we interact together,&as coke has always been the icon of happiness,it was up to us to start a movement for a better happier world.But we were faced with three main challenges; showing the difference between charity and Kindness, in the middle east both are intertwined and for this campaign to stand out we had to make the difference clear, Finding our crazy masters: the Kindness doers that we want the people to follow in their example.Finally transforming an advertising campaign into a movement that would inspire people to do crazy acts of kindness of their own and inspire each other

Success of the Campaign

Our Youtube got more than 2.5 million views, consumers have started to create their own CFG acts using our theme song and filming style, in our first week of launching our hashtags were used 25000 times and we got more than17500 new followers on twitter representing 250% increase in our twitter followers. More than 200 fan pages about the campaign were created on facebook by fans. Key public figures from all walks of life started to join the movement tweeting and writing articles about the campaign Our video clip got more than 100,000 views in one day

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We first surrounded the country with the one largest out of home campaigns ever to hit Egypt showing our heroes doing their random acts of kindness,on the same day we went on air with two Main 1 minute copies&two 30 seconds cut downs on both local&satellite channels.We launched radio ad&longer TVC 2 minutes long,to give the consumer a special treat he can’t get on TV Our fourth channel of commutation to be activated was social media we went live with our Hashtags&engaged the consumer on facebook asking them show us their Crazy side.We then pushed our movement to the next level,through ambient branding in big shopping malls&on busses giving the consumers ideas for simple acts that they can do on the spot of be kinder to each other.We created interactive machines for people help people find the crazy master in them We launched a video clip for our theme song


Name Company Role
Abdelsalam Abdelsalam Fp7/Cai Executive Creative Director:
Ahmed Hafez Youness Fp7/Cai Creative Director:
George Azmy Fp7/Cai Associate Creative Director:
Ahmed Coutry. Fp7/Cai Senior Art Directors
Mina Mounir Fp7/Cai Art Director:
Ahmed Mossad/Mariam Ibrahim/Wael Hosni Fp7/Cai Graphic Designers
Ezzat Soliman/Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Fp7/Cai Senior Graphic Designers
Heba Radwan Fp7/Cai Head Of Production
Mohamed Abdel Aziz Fp7/Cai Tv Producer
Inas Nagy Fp7/Cai Assistant Tv Producer
Ahmed Fayez Fp7/Cai Business Unit Head
Magued Farahat Fp7/Cai Account Director
Sarah Sherif Fp7/Cai Account Manager
Lamis Hazem Fp7/Cai Account Supervisor
Ahmed Youssef Fp7/Cai Senior Account Executive
Mohamed Ezzo Fp7/Cai Senior Account Executive