2013 Winners & Shortlists


Advertising Agency HORIZON DRAFTFCB Beirut, LEBANON
Media Agency BPN Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

Tamanna relies on donations to grant the wishes of critically ill children in Lebanon. The brief was straightforward: create awareness of Tamanna's cause and highlight the impact of granting wishes on critically ill children. We began by looking at Tamanna’s wish list. We were struck by 8 year-old cancer patient, Carmen, who wished for an iPad. At Christmas. This was August. Could we really wait until December? So we changed the date of Christmas. On September 8, 2012, Carmen’s parents took her out to Beirut Souks in Downtown Beirut. Carmen had just completed a course of chemotherapy and was enjoying a walk outside in the mild, end-of-summer weather. Suddenly, Christmas carols began to play and Beirut Souks transformed into a semi-Winter Wonderland. And while Santa Clause typically flies his reindeer, on this night he was lowered from a helicopter right in front of Carmen. With an iPad in his sack.

Success of the Campaign

Tamanna and Carmen became the talk of the town. 200+ blogs shared the story; the video was featured on Facebook profiles and twitter pages of individuals and companies. The ripple effect included reached Chicago and Florida. In less than 5 weeks, donations increased by 74% and volunteer requests by 112%. These aren’t just numbers. These are wishes. Tamanna's average of fulfilling 12 wishes a month became 26. That’s almost 1 wish a day. And the most inspiring part of it all is that everyone involved donated time and resources. The event cost $0.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign began as a live event in Beirut Souks on September 8, 2012. Immediately, content was supplied to media outlets and PR began its amplification efforts. The very next day, MTV prime-time news carried the story with the supplied content. From then on and for months to come, we ensured continued coverage in leading newspapers, radio stations, TV channels and online. The coverage itself was in turn used to maintain buzz by being shared on Facebook and Twitter. Video of the event was produced and published on YouTube, Facebook and others; Carmen and Tamanna were readily available for interviews. In October, online banners were utilized to remind of Tamanna. Coordination with 2 of the most popular Lebanese talk shows such as 'Kalam El Neis' resulted in co-creating shows and panels dedicated to Carmen and Tamanna.


Name Company Role
Alain Hochar Horizon Draftfcb Cheif Creative Officer
Paola Mounla Horizon Draftfcb Associate Creative Director
Souliman Alchair Horizon Draftfcb Associate Creative Director
Siham Saad Horizon Draftfcb Senior Art Director
Kamlesh Shankar Horizon Draftfcb Senior Copywriter
Aline Baddour Horizon Draftfcb Senior Account Director
André Chammas Director
Roger Moukarzel Photographer