2013 Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company IMPACT BBDO Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Advertising Agency IMPACT BBDO Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

Number 1 chips brand Lay’s, was launching a new flavor, and our task was to get fans in the GCC excited about it. Since the idea of consumers choosing their flavor was not totally new, the challenge was not only to craft a totally new angle to the concept, but to also build on a very locally relevant insight that could engage region’s consumers. To develop a big idea, we spotted a relevant point of distinction that Arab consumers could strongly relate to finding a life partner! Just like with eating snacks where everyone has different tastes and opinions on the perfect flavor, marriage is a very challenging step that involves a lot of personal taste too! And so Liza Lay’s was born! The bubbly and delicate potato who is searching for her 1 time soul-mate. With the direct help of consumers, they will together form the new Lay’s flavor.

Success of the Campaign

‘Flavor Me’ smashed all campaign targets from both a brand and business perspective, successfully bringing chip fans closer to Lays and involving them in the creation of new Pizza flavor Lay’s. Liza Lays received an amazing 269,863 flavor suggestions – the population of Barbados (three times initial targets)! We added 429,000 new fans to the Lays Facebook page and increased brand image measures by an average of 14 points, exceeding all expectations. Finally, from a business perspective, sales volume grew by 40% over the Flavor Me period, whilst Lays market share grew by an impressive 3.4pts & Volume share by 2.8pts SOURCES: 2012 Consumer Tracker Research “CTS”, Facebook, Retail Audit Nielson May 2012, http://www.laysarabia.com/en/Default.aspx

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign ran in three phases: first – using Liza to encourage the public to suggest new Lay’s flavors, second – building consumer involvement and immersion in Liza’s search and finally, announcing the winning flavor to become Liza’s soul mate! Multiple touch-points and initiatives were used to bring all three stages to life including TV, PR, content, PR, print, outdoor, packaging, sampling, social media, online, events and partnerships such as using celebrity chef Osama as our very own ‘Flavorologist’. Liza Lay’s was everywhere: on packs, on shelves, and on special displays, and consumers loved it! On May 10, at the same time on major TV stations, our flavors’ consultant Chef Osama el Sayed announced the winning flavor! The results were revealed simultaneously on digital and outdoors. ‘Pizza’ was the most voted flavor, and both Him and Liza lived happily ever after in our new Lay’s pack!


Name Company Role
Severine Lusk Impact Bbdo Jeddah Account Manager
Samer Khansa Impact Bbdo Jeddah Senior Account Director
Samir Tamari Impact Bbdo Jeddah Creative Director
Anthony Azzi Impact Bbdo Jeddah Art Director
Amin Afif Impact Bbdo Jeddah Copywriter
Faisal Shams Omd Uae Regional Director
Fadi Maktabi Omd Uae Director
Mohammad Mannaa Omd Uae Director
Mohammad Freigeh Omd Uae Manager - Planning
Wassim Afzal Omd Uae Regional Digital Director
Jose Abi Nassif Omd Uae Supervisor - Trading
Layal Takieddine Omd Uae Director- Fuse
Yasmin Al Naif Omd Uae Manager-Fuse
Mohammad Anabtawi Omd Uae Executive - Social Media
Oussama Gholmieh Impact Proximity Gm
Rishna Patel Impact Proximity Senior Account Manager
Jad Ammouri Impact Proximity Account Manager
Richard Mcbeath Impact Proximity Group Digital Director
Barna Szoke Impact Proximity Art Director