2013 Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company IMPACT BBDO Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Advertising Agency IMPACT BBDO Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

Having built its brand image on physical refreshment, 7up needed to move up the ladder to build a stronger tie with consumers through a more meaningful delivery... becoming a real “FUN” and “COOL” brand. The idea is about the everyday uncool situations our consumers face and how 7up turns them into cool one using mental clarity… something our Target audience would value in their daily life! Kabber Demaghak, or “keep a cool head” became our campaign slogan. While content has been the “big thing” in KSA for a while now, the lack of locally produced content stuck out like a sore thumb. In order from brand 7UP to enter this space it needed to do so with a bang. Partnering up with an already existing digital juggernaut was essential not only to leverage an existing platform, but also to use that platform to springboard 7UP’s newly set up digital communities.

Success of the Campaign

Considering 7UP digital communities were virtually non-existent prior to this campaign, the results were phenomenal over the 8 week duration: Community growth: Facebook: 160,000+ fans YouTube: the campaign had a total of 8.1M YouTube views Engagement: Facebook: the average engagement rate was 708% higher than Facebook’s benchmark YouTube: 200,000+ comments and 15,000 subscribers Brand KPIs: Lemon-Lime refreshment increased by 17 points compared to last year Brand being fun and cool increased by 8 points vs. last year KSA Volume growth increased by 12% vs. YAGO Share of segment increased by 1.3 points vs. YAGO

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

7UP tied up with local comedians Badr Saleh to produce a web-series entitled “Kabbir Demaghak”. The key to success was ensuring that the web-series was about the content itself, not the brand. Banking on Eysh Elly’s massive YouTube presence, we launched the 8-episode web series with minimal branding - each episode centered around the Kabbir Demaghak theme where the start presenter would get agitated over something and then later have to calm down. Once the first few episodes gained some traction and the association with 7UP became clear, we linked the series to the 7UP communities on Facebook & YouTube, offering additional content of the same quality. To further create awareness and allow people to engage directly with Badr Saleh and 7UP, we’ve created a radio show where he was the presenter, took calls from our consumers and discussed situations related to the campaign theme.


Name Company Role
Mario Daou Impact Bbdo Ltd Jeddah Associate Creative Director
Anthony Azzi Impact Bbdo Ltd Jeddah Art Director
Samer Khansa Impact Bbdo Ltd Jeddah Senior Account Director
Faisal Shams Omd Uae Regional Director
Fadi Maktabi Omd Uae Director
Yves Massaad Omd Uae Director
Waseem Moumneh Omd Uae Associate Director - Digital
Waseem Afzal Omd Uae Regional Director - Digital
Samer Chehab Omd Uae Manager - Social Media
Khaled Akbik Omd Uae Manager - Social Media
Mohammad Freigeh Omd Uae Manager - Planning
Wissam Chami Omd Uae Executive - Planning
Jose Abi Nassif Omd Uae Supervisor - Trading
Abhinav Arora Omd Uae Senior Executive - Media Ops
Mohammed Matheen Omd Uae Executive - Digital Planning
Oussama Gholmieh Impact Proximity Gm
Rishna Patel Impact Proximity Senior Account Manager
Barna Szoke Impact Proximity Art Director
Nabeel Qaisar Impact Proximity Technical Lead