2012 Winners & Shortlists


Type of EntryIntegrated
Product/ServiceGULF BANK
Entrant Company:IMPACT & ECHO BBDO Safat, KUWAIT
Advertising Agency:IMPACT & ECHO BBDO Safat, KUWAIT

The Campaign

In early 2011, Gulf Bank, a leading bank in Kuwait, launched its new corporate positioning: Growing With You. To remind our customers about this during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr while keeping in mind the conservative nature of the country where the advertising scene is overtaken with religious callings and the population is fasting from dawn until dusk, we decided to do something a “little” different. The face of the campaign was a toddler who teased his family for a whole month by eating during the daytime in Ramadan while his family was fasting. The toddler slept during the day of Eid while his family eagerly waited for him to wake up to take him along the obligatory family visits. The campaign message elaborates the fact that there are moments in life, specifically in Ramadan, that you will always remember as they grow with you.

Success of the Campaign

High-visibility was achieved through different media channels along with a stimulated high level of engagement on social websites that lead to record breaking results. In less than a month, the campaign accumulated more than 150,000 unique hits on YouTube, Gulf Bank’s Facebook page’s subscribers grew from 4,000 to more than 44,000, 1,680 tweets were directed at Gulf Bank’s Twitter account, 250 videos were submitted for the competition, with the winner grabbing more than 4,000 votes. The films were posted and appraised on more than 15 of the country’s most reputable blogs. The campaign became the talk of the town and managed to not only attract viewers but also leverage the fact that Gulf Bank is a bank that is growing with them.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign launched on TV in 2 forms: films and bumpers. The films were aired at key moments during the day to attract the maximum number of viewers while the bumpers were aired later at night as a recall to the original film. A competition on Facebook was created where viewers can upload videos of their babies eating or sleeping. The winners were determined based on the number of “likes” they received. Followers on Twitter had the chance to discuss and vote for the best bumper. Greeting cards were designed and mailed to a specific audience from the bank as direct mailers, further highlighting the core message of the campaign.


Name Company Position
Cesar Jachan Impact/Echo BBDO Executive Creative Director
Angelo El Chami Impact/Echo BBDO Associate Creative Director
Dalal Beaver Impact/Echo BBDO Art Director
Hadi Abdel Majeed Impact/Echo BBDO Group Account Director
Elie Atik Impact/Echo BBDO Account Manager
Luciano Dipietro Impact/Echo BBDO Multimedia Manager
Rithesh Ozario Impact/Echo BBDO Digital Art Director
Abdelkader Aziz DX Productions Producer
Pierre Sarraf .né.à Beyrouth Producer
Sophie Legendre Director
Didier Daubach DOP
Philippe Khayat Music Composer
Nadine Jabbour Impact/Echo BBDO Senior Arabic Copywriter