2022 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceVODAFONE PLUS
CategoryUse of Original Music
Media Placement VODAFONE EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Marwan Pablo. The most infamous rapper in Egypt. When he has no one at the top next to him, who else can he face but himself. In an ode to his talent, three different versions of Pablo, all with their own lyrical styles and rapping techniques, go head to head in a rap battle for the ages, each staking their claim that they are the #1 rapper in the scene, when in fact, they're all the same person. The film takes place in each Pablo's world, each with their own unique set, animated visuals and musical approach, while transitioning to each one through a phone, while they all rap about their claims of being the best. As we finish the battle between the three, we state our proposition, in which the people get to decide who wins the battle, between all three of "Ghost", "Alpha", and "Flame".

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In the last few years, the Egyptian music scene adopted a fresh voice and style. With the use of modern sounds with edgy and plain-spoken lyrics, this new style of music instantly resonated with Egyptian youth, and thus began the era of Egyptian trap. Amidst hard times and struggle, young Egyptians found solace in this type of music. Atop the mountain of Egyptian trap was.. Marwan Pablo, a young rapper from Alexandria who went from rags to riches and became known as the “Godfather of Trap” due to his ability to express himself genuinely through his music. He became a cultural icon before taking a long hiatus due to personal reasons. A year later, he announced his return, and Egyptians went wild, awaiting every new track he could bring to the table. Upon returning, and the peak of his popularity, he joined forces with Vodafone to truly showcase his talents.

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music track.

Since our campaign showcases Marwan Pablo battling himself as three different characters, each character needed to have his own style in terms of both music and lyrics. We worked with Pablo and the music producer to try and develop these characters so they’d feel like three different people facing off against each other, something that hasn’t happened before in the Egyptian ad world. The track was split into three parts, one for each character. The first character had a more standard trap style, followed by a character who was more quirky with a more eccentric beat and witty lyrics, and the final character adopted a drill style of rap and a tough gangster-like attitude. The sounds used in the production as well as Pablos tone of voice both also helped differentiate between the characters, while exemplifying Pablo’s talents as an artist, and solidifying him as the top artist in Egypt.


Name Company Role
Maged Nassar Good People Films Director
Hassan El Sada Wunderman Thompson Managing Lead
Mohamed Fouad Wunderman Thompson Cairo Creative Head
Heba Hosny Wunderman Thompson Business Lead
Tarek Lawaty Wunderman Thompson Account Lead
Ola Sleem Wunderman Thompson Account Lead
Sherif Mounir Wunderman Thompson Creative Lead
Tamer Tawfik Wunderman Thompson Creative lead
Youssef Shaalan Wunderman Thompson Copywriter
Mina Sawiris Wunderman Thompson Art Director
Khaled Zaki Good People Films Lead Producer
Mahmoud Derbala Good People Films Associate Producer
Karim Osman Good People Films Producer
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