2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceWOMEN BANKING
CategoryUse of Ambient Media: Small Scale

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Activations are all about reaching out to your people and creating an experience. In our case, rather than creating an experience, we made a solid memory, built upon a relevant platform that we all discuss in Saudi Arabia every day.


Women in KSA always came in second, which was after were recently counted as members of our community. In the past couple of years, especially when women were allowed to drive in the kingdom, women were celebrated and empowered in many different ways, but non were tackled through the "ugly truth" approach. There was no brief, this campaign was an initiative on our own, which inspired the bank to develop and nourish their ladies banking segment, fully enforcing it with solid offers. Objectives are always simple: set impact, inspire, and create change.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

A simple change could change everything. We took a recent relevant platform for women which is cars, and we changed one letter in the side view mirror. Original Message: "The images and perceptions on the mirror are not realistic" The word "mirror" means "mirah" in Arabic. What we did here is that we took the "i" in "mir'ah" and we changed it into an "a", "mar'ah", which means "women" New Message: "The images and perceptions on women are not realistic" That one letter change sheds a light on the way people perceived women in the kingdom.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Target Audience: Demographics: -Males & Females -Aged 18+ -Living in Saudi Arabia -Owning a vehicle -All incomes -All social classes -All educational levels Psychographics: -Locals -They witnessed the change in the kingdom -They either have a supportive or a neglective perception upon women -They like to voice out their opinions -They enjoy going out and cruising with their cars Approach: -Our simple approach was to directly go to our target in a parking lot of a popular mall and randomly place a sticker on the side-view mirror above the original message with our new message, and then we captured their reactions as they discover it.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Implementation: The campaign was implemented through a removable sticker which had our new modified message printed on it, pasted on the side view mirrors of random cars. Our team stayed ong-round to film and capture people's reactions and opinions regarding the cause and topic. Timeline: The main activation was shot a week before International Women's day, and it was aired on that day. The campaign continued for a week, highlighting different offers for ladies in the bank. Placement: It was shot at the parking lot of Riyadh Park, which is one of the largest malls in Riyadh, with the biggest traffic flow. Scale: The campaign interacted with numerous of people on-ground, and once it was published online more and more sentiments were generated, creating natural word of mouth, despite the video promotion, which aided the campaign's success.

List the results (30% of vote)

Business Impact: -11.7% rise of female products -1,822 Personal Finance -78 Mortgage Loan -116 Auto Lease Response Rate: 9.09090909 Impressions: -17,678,221 Change in Behaviour: This simple change highlighted a dark truth in the kingdom, which was the fact that women were never respected as equal members in our society. People were heavily impacted by that message, especially that it's delivery was through a relevant platform no one ever considered as a campaign medium, to the point that several other brands were inspired to use the same medium and adapt the campaign into their own. Consumer Awareness: Heavy awareness was generated, as referenced by the multiple sentiments this campaign captured. People were not just aware by the topic after the campaign, but also remembered of it every time they look at the side view mirror.


Name Company Role
Marc Bouharb Grey Riyadh Management & Supervision
Chehadi Bourdoukan Grey Riyadh Concept, Onground Activation Management & Video Supervising, Case Study Management & Creation
Joud Albarazi Grey Riyadh Ideation, On-Ground Activation, Designs
Reham Majdali Grey Riyadh Onground Activation Work, Campaign Edits, & Case-study Content Writing
Mohammad Qarawi Grey Riyadh Video Editing, Compositing & Animation
Choucry Dahan Grey Riyadh Client Servicing
Ahmad Alakari Grey Riyadh client servicing
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