2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Social & Digital Platforms
Idea Creation ETHOS KMS Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Idea Creation 2 ETHOS KMS Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Media Placement ETHOS KMS Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Media Placement 2 ETHOS KMS Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Production 2 ETHOS KMS Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

The recruitment campaign celebrates the company's Saudization initiatives by introducing an innovative social media and digital solution on Snapchat for Saudi job hopefuls, making it even more simple for Saudi's to apply for a job. The campaign is the first of its kind in the MENA region, by introducing a Snapchat lens for a recruitment campaign. Being a brand that revolves around Feel Good Moments, the campaign was able to turn the hassle applicants go through to get a job into a fun experience.


Not all local job hopefuls get excited about the application process. As leaders in Saudization, we needed an innovative initiative to freshen things up and stay on the forefront of Saudization efforts in the Kingdom. We needed to increase the number of employment applications.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The creative idea harnesses the speed of social media communication and applies it to the job application process. Putting an end to rehearsing for interviews, preempting what the interview questions might be, interview dress codes, appointments, writing CVs, forwarding CVs and all that is needed for the job-seeking process. And in the process turning something as annoying into something outright quick, simple and fun.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We want the approach to be instantaneous and Snapchat is the perfect channel to reach the target audience given that the young audience has already gravitated to the platform. The Snapchat Lens will allow the audience to see themselves as a member of the McDonald’s crew and submit their application, with just their personality to help them stand out, in 10 seconds or less. The initiative will be supported with a Kingdom-wide Snapchat Lens, giving the entire Kingdom access to an exclusive McDonald’s crew Lens. Supporting Snapchat ads, digital and restaurant material will also allow interested young people to instantly trigger a Snaplication by simply scanning the Snapcode with Snapchat. The core audience is mainly students, aged between 18 and 28. They’ve grown up in a generation of instant gratification, being able to access everything instantly and on-demand.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

The campaign was divided into three phases: Pre-Launch: Creating anticipation:Count down,call-to-action- October 1-9. SnapAd anticipation building - October 1-9. Lens published (October 1-9) for A-class influencers on Snapchat announcing date to build hype. Radio & Print in-store material to create conversation.Key Visual:Table Tent,Tray mat,POP,DMB,Lobby Screen,SOK machine(also used during Launch) Countdown Landing Page to access the lens Launch-Campaign Day 1: Class A influencers used Snaplication and salute McDonald’s for their fun approach and invited their audiences to participate in the innovative job application process-October 10. News accounts tweeted-October 10. Radio spots-MBC FM,U FM,Mix FM,Panorama FM Twitter Promoted First View 2 days Twitter Hashtag trend Submission Call to Action-October 10. Application Process-October 10. Showcasing the Snaplications received from the applicants on social channels Landing Page for applicants to submit their Snaplication. Post-Launch-Day 2-90: Submissions posted to encourage others Launched a 90 days Snapcode attracting more applicants Case study video News accounts coverage

List the results (30% of vote)

The impact was substantial. The campaign exceeded expectations and received more than 42,000 employment applications with 3.9K video applications through Snapchat, many of which were Saudi nationals, which contributed towards the brand’s wider Saudization efforts. The brand successfully exceeded its goal of recruiting 850+ Saudi job hopefuls and achieved the following. Influencers Achieved: 10M – views Lens Achieved: 19.6M - impressions on all platforms 4.7M – unique reach in 24 hours in the Kingdom 23.6 Seconds - unique Playtime (1.5 times higher than the MENA region’s highest average) 139K Shares 130.3K Saves 135.4K attachment swipe-ups Snapcode: 231K – Impressions 169K – Unique Snapchatters The landing page achieved: 166K unique reach


Name Company Role
Joelle Bogi Bogi Ethos KMS Creative Director
Supporting Webpage