2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryDurable Consumer Goods including Automotive
Production VOX HAUS Porto Alegre, BRAZIL


The in-store experience has always been a differentiating factor for Bose. Given the premium positioning among fierce competition, the physical product experimentation and the luxury in-store service have always been crucial selling factors for Bose. Then came 2020 with its Covid19 lockdowns. Bose was forced to close nearly 120 stores world-wide, including the Middle East – a region where such elements of the customer journey play a significant role as a proof of value. Bose needed a game changer solution to keep consumer interest high, continue to demonstrate its differentiation and ultimately recover sales via digital channels. We needed to find a way to connect Bose to challenging consumers and prove the brand’s value more than ever – all so in a meaningful way in the context of the pandemic. But how could we turn a high-end product appealing during an economic crisis?

Describe the strategy

Our strategy was anchored on a series of insights. As a product, Bose has is perceived as premium with a price justifiable by the higher quality demonstrated in-store. We also learned the importance of the in-store experience for the Middle East in particular-an element lost during the lockdowns. For office workers, the recession brought by Covid19 triggered cash constraints. It also changed their work reality to home-office. Our strategy thus focused on addressing both Bose’s and customers’ new realities and challenges. We realized home offices were loud- something Bose’s Noise Cancelling headphones can tackle. Instead of running a promo and paint Bose as opportunistic, we created a playful, rewarding experience: the louder your home, the larger your discount. We created a touchpoint for customers to measure home noise with Bose’s Noise-O-Meter on the mobile website and experience Bose’s technology. We then allowed them to convert everyday decibels into discounts.

Describe the execution

We spoke directly to consumers dealing with the struggles of working from home in noisy ambiences, sharing the workspace with the rest of the family. By developing the Noise-O-Meter, which converts everyday decibels into discounts on Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700! It uses a first-of-its-kind algorithm engineered to interpret sound data and ambient noise levels in different settings, instantaneously generating proportionate eCommerce discount coupons based on everyday decibels. In short: The louder your home office, the larger your discount. It was also designed to be easily accessible via a simple swipe up from targeted Instagram Stories, creating a seamless journey from checking the noise to generating and redeeming coupons. The UX and design were optimized for smartphone screens; while the algorithm was engineered to work with and tested across diverse microphone sensitivities.

List the results

In less than a month, the Noise-O-Meter achieved over 7 million impressions, measuring more than 7000 home office noises and converting 400,000+ decibels into discounts. Most importantly, there was an incredible 37.5% increase in the average weekly online sales of the high-end Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700! Multiple retailers are now keen on adapting this in other markets.


Name Company Role
Pablo Maldonado Wunderman Thompson Executive Creative Director
Hassan Bilgrami Wunderman Thompson Associate Creative Director
Saymon Medeiros Wunderman Thompson Senior Art Director
Gustavo Dallegrave Wunderman Dubai Senior Art Director
Diogo Borges Wunderman Thompson Digital Design Director
Soheil Magdi Wunderman Dubai Editor
Irmak Aktas Wunderman Thompson Senior Account Director
Haya Jaouni Wunderman Thompson Senior Account Executive
Sara Ibrahim Wunderman Thompson Arabic Copywriter
Mona Hassanie Wunderman Thompson Strategy Director
Matheus Gugelmim Vox Haus Music Producer
Paulo Shampaio Freelancer CGI Director
Taha Hameeduddin Bose Marketing Manager
Alvaro Bretel Wunderman Tompson Head of Strategy
Josephine Lawaan Wunderman Thompson Dubai Traffic
Sanaz Khodabandeh Wunderman Thompson Dubai Traffic Manager
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